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Hey everyone...thank you so much if you are reading this and considering supporting me on Patreon, or better said becoming a Patron SJGPerspective! 

I have created this Patreon as a way to do something that means something! 

I have found myself realizing how fast our lives move.  Day to day, week to week, year by year.  I realized I have not been doing what brings me passion, but rather what brought me a paycheck. 

Now there is definitely virtue in providing for your family, even if what you are doing seems at times meaningless and or mundane to you.  Though I decided while I was going to work, and providing for my family, why not at least try and do something that brings value to my friends and fans and those around me. 

So I started SJGPrespective to hopefully bring insight into current events infused with humor and lighthearted commentary.  While also providing serious things to think about, in a way that is engaging...hopefully.  I also wanted to share through this median other things of value that interest me, like the music I create.  Some will like it, others not so much!

Either way, I want to do what brings joy to myself and others around me, and see if I can provide for my family while pursuing this.  I want my example to my kids and those around me, to do what excites you and brings joy to your life and others!  Find a way to keep your house warm, and food on your table, by working without it having to feel like work!  Do what you love, and you will have what you need!

So thank you that you find value in what I am creating, and are willing to help me keep sharing my Perspective and passions and insights with you and your family.

My Thankfulness for your Support goes beyond words!

Sincerely... Steven

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Patrons get to submit video idea, or subject matter for video creation. I will take top 3 video Ideas I feel comfortable enough commenting on, and poll my Patrons on which video they would like to see the most.  I will then do a little research on requested subject matter video, and create a video with my Perspective on on said subject matter. May not be a good perspective, but it will be mine!
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