Walter Clapp and Kamila Kudelska

is creating something called the narriage and the SKŪB


Walter has been on a journey for the last seven years - exploring the intersection of money, electricity, and integrity. He has arrived at a few notions. And he has decided it is time to tell the story he discovered at said intersection. 

Kamila has joined Walter to help tell said story. She is in charge of the Podcast you are helping support.

And the product that is at the story's immediate terminus. The SKŪB.

Both the product and podcast will be dropping soon.

We need your help to tell the story - and to build the thing all of you desperately needs (ahem, the SKŪB). Become a part of the story today. Your kindness will be rewarded. At first, with exclusive content. And later with exclusive access to early product releases. 
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