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    • Each pool member chooses one wrestler (or team) to win at every AEW PPV or WWE premium live event.
    • If their pick is correct, they survive until the next week.
    • If their pick is incorrect, they are ELIMINATED, and will have to wait and see if this gimmick gets over and we do it again next year.
    • You can only use a wrestler ONCE, so be wise with your picks! (EX. If you take Brock Lesnar to win in February, he is "locked" and you can't use Lesnar again.)
    • Players are permitted to select teams, but if you select a team, ALL members of the team are "locked" after that pick.
    • In the event of a draw or no contest you’re out… it’s the official WINNER of the match by any means necessary.
  • Immediate access to weekly extended and commercial free 2-hour SNME program and all SNME Patreon podcasts. 

We watch RAW... and you feel bad for us.

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If you feel bad for us cause we have to watch RAW every week... then please toss a couple extra bucks our way.



About Sunday Night's Main Event

Hello listeners of Sunday Nights Main Event ... and a special hello to longtime listeners that have found this show from our previous incarnation of The LAW: Live Audio Wresting.

As of 2022 here are the features we'll be providing to our patrons:

  • As per our weekly routine for the past 20-years, we take to the airwaves on Sunday nights on TSN Radio affiliates and The iHeartRadio Talk Network.
  • Patrons get a COMMERCIAL FREE and EXTENDED version of this show immediately after it is completed, well before the radio broadcast.
  • The weekly show features include:
    • Mike McGuire hosts a comprehensive recap of the week that was in pro-wrestling
    • The Wrestling Observer Insider with Dave Meltzer
    • A rotating panel of co-hosts including Boris Aguilar, Matthew Ederer, Jason Agnew Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski, Mark Andrada, Joe Aguinaldo.
    • Your feedback

2) The AFTER PARTY video podcast
  • Boris Aguilar and Matthew Ederer and Mark Andrada go LIVE with a video streaming show after WWE and AEW Sunday Night PPV.
  • The boys recap and review the PPV and take listeners / viewers feedback
  • Only patrons have access to these live shows
  • Audio of the shows are then put up via podcast for on-demand listening.

3) MidWeek MARKout podcast
  • Mark Andrada and Jason Agnew chat about their lives... oh and they also review RAW.

4) NXT TLK podcast
  • Boris Aguilar and Matthew Ederer review the colourful capers of NXT 2.0

5) ALL ELITE WEEKLY aka "The Old F*cks" podcast
  • Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski is joined by Joe Aguinaldo to provide a weekly news recap on all that is happening in the world of AEW.
  • And we're sure these two elderly gentlemen will also reminisce about the "good old days" of professional wrestling.

5) BAM aka The Boris & Matt Podcast

  • Boris and Matthew aka The Young Guns recap and review all the events that slip through the cracks of out other shows.

6) SMACK DADDIES: Smackdown Review
  • Emanating out of Nova Scotia our resident East Coast Dads Brad McKinnon and Greg Feltham review Friday Night Smackdown

7) DARK SIDE OF THE ELITE: Rampage Rollout
  • Randy, Matt and Eric take a look at the week that was in AEW, with a focus on Friday Night's Rampage review.


  • As you may already know, Jason Agnew hosts a weekly 3-hour trivia radio show in Toronto.  Each week we post a commercial free version of the show each week for your podcasting pleasure.
  • NOTE: This is NOT a wrestling podcast.  However, there is a hell of a lot of pop-culture and geek oriented trivia that I spit out each week.
  • Plus, you can play "count the wrestling reference" as Jason host's something for a generic major market audience.

  • Dan Lovranski has two passions in life, one is pro-wrestling and the other is music.  He's an avid vinyl collector and each week he shares some selections from his collection on this 2-hour music broadcast.
  • This is NOT a wrestling podcast.

Thanks again for your support,
The SNME crew

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