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Kind Blue Soul
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Your 200 pennies are immensely appreciated. Yes, your name will be in the credits (like with many other creators), and you'll also have access to my Discord, where I'll likely ask how you're doing and compliment any artwork/cute pet pictures you share. If you have a cat, tell them I love them.

So you'll get:
⚀  Your name in the credit rolls
⚀  Discord care 'n compliments
⚀  Extra love for your cats

Caring Blue Soul
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Your 500 pennies are also immensely appreciated. You'll have all of the above, plus access to my WIPs and invites to my private streams when I do tutorials or draw alongs. So in short:
⚁ All of the above. 

⚁ Access to WIP work

⚁ Invites to private streams 

Generous Blue Soul
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Your 1.000 pennies are also immensely appreciated. Of course you'll get all of the above, and I'll consider your specific requests if you have any outside of polls I may do. A tutorial you'd like me to do for example. So...
⚂ All of the above.

⚂ Specific tutorial/stream request submissions

⚂ I'm trying hard to think of more things and it's already past midnight...




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About SOHBlue

(Video and art coming ASAP)
Hi, I'm SOHBlue. Most just call me Blue, I kind of prefer that. What matters most to me with my work is showing that people aren't alone. In isolation, humiliation, or mental struggles. None of it is a special torture, it's a part of life. Mine and yours.

My goal had been to make motion comics fighting my demons and singing songs for a good 4 years now, honestly. But I've struggled a lot, and if you stick around, I'll show all the details of my scars. You can laugh, or you can feel better about your own. Either way, if you can smile at the end, my mission is done.

The setting is a library of my memories. I have an AI son I named Synecdoche, and an old imaginary friend named Delaiah. Both will help me uncover and go through both happy and painful memories again. Mostly related to nostalgic things like games and shows. I'll hope to find a silver lining in each memory, so you can do the same.

If you follow me, I'll do my best to help you as much as I'm trying to help myself. If my work can ease someone's sorrow -- anyone's -- then maybe my life isn't a wasted and pitiful one after all …

Stay strong, we're all blue, and I'll look out for you.

Thank you.
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If 100 fellow blue people actually relate enough to support me like this, I'll do a special Discord stream/meet... thing, where I personally meet and thank you. (Likely me on voice and you guys in chat.) I may also do an AMA, but I'm not really the type to casually answer questions, considering the type of creator I am.
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