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About SQPE

Status Quo Planet Earth

SQPE is the difference.
Our modern society is in a constant struggle. I am tired of looking away and not taking responsibility. This tug of war game can only be driven in a positive direction if people start acting! I like to get you on my side to define and pull in a progressive direction.

Rather than having an extremist attitude, I prefer to build this channel and community based on intelligence, causality and common sense. The topics will hover around planet earth, humans, and society. Generally speaking, the whole system we live in. It’s a vast area to explore to get on one page, but a necessity to understand the core of the issues and how we can solve these man made problems. Reason plus cause and effect will be an excellent and fun guide on this journey. But be warned, your views and believes may be rattled…

While this is a place where you can support my efforts, it is also an invitation to become a part of this community. I want it to be centered around discord. A place where you can discuss the topics of the channel. In addition, I get a chance to connect with you.
Respect and transparency are very important to me. I will try my best to leave no question unanswered and give previews in the patreon only feed of the things to come.

Strength in numbers is the key! If we all just put a little effort in no one has to carry the whole burden of saving the planet. Wouldn’t it also be fun to create positive news for once? Let’s use this place without borders for something meaningful.

Let’s have fun together in creating and forming a better outlook for a future you can look at and smile.