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The Basics
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First off you get my gratitude, so Thank You! I'll work to not disappoint you!

More tangibly (could be a real word) you get access to my development commentary, writing inspriation blogs, progress updates, some fiction bits, and other little nuggets of joy that slip out of my mind.

Digging Deeper
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You get The enhanced fiction with full chapters and character backstory tales. Over time you'll end up with the whole novel (which I'll compile and offer as a PDF or some such once it's all done!)
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You get The Basics, Digging early access and extra recognition, because in order to have precognition, you need recognition. 

Expect to find your name pop up somewhere in the tales above, or a reference to your organization in some way!




Hey Fans (or soon to be fans), thanks for stopping by my Patreon page. I'll be developing several things here and giving my patrons access to all of the craziness that crawls around in my head and leaks out through my fingers. 

You'll get a chance to read original fiction across several genres, gain a little insight into my writing process for tabletop RPG content, and see the growth and development of my own game. 

I'm putting out my own novels in my personal Shattered Sky and Netherworlds settings that are linked by time but separated by disaster!

For a little about me I've been freelancing, prolifically for Shadowrun for Catalyst Game Labs, but a few other projects as well. I'm also planning to expand soon, but what's in the works, is in the works and that stuff stays quiet to avoid the jinxes.
I've got over 40 credits to this point, including the entire Boston Lockdown campaign book that was tied into the Awesome Shadowrun Online game by Cliffhanger Productions. I've now got over 2 million words of mine in Shadowrun material! Oh yeah!

I'm excited to be getting out and taking a stab at reaching fans directly and developing my own game with all of you to help me out. 

Welcome, thank you, and enjoy!
29% complete
Alright! Here we go! The first goal is going to be reaching $75 per month and I will have a reward offered once every two months. This will be based on an adventure or story release and a miniature or set of miniatures for that release. 
The miniatures will be up for a drawing across all Patrons who are in for $1 or more. There will be a primary post where anyone who wants in on the drawing says "In" so that I'm not drawing names of Patrons who don't give a rat's right nut about miniatures and are just here for cool stories. Then I'll make a ridiculous attempt at a video and draw live at the end of the month.
At this point I'll cover postage in the US to the winner!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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