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About STEMPunX

For full info on STEMPunX check out our website:

We are so excited you're here!  Thank you for checking us out.  The detailed about section below should give you a LOT of info (we're writers first, we can't help it...) but the short info is, we love to create!  As a Patron you will get immediate access and some extras that no one else will see!

Thank you for being here.  We think you're amazing already.  
Get ready for a ride, with a whole lot of fun, and a little bit of education on the side.....

Why be a Patron

STEMPunX is a multi-episode web series and podcast designed to present Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Mathematics in an educational and entertaining package to educators, students, job-seekers, prospective employers, geeks, brainiacs, and all-around fun-loving information-seeking encyclopedists.  (Is that a word..?)

YOU will get Patron only posts, you may be asked to help us pick our next topics, you may even be asked to appear on the show!  We love feedback so you really are the ones who get to help us make a positive impact in the world.  How often do you get to do that?  (We hope all the time.)

AND… We all get to ride in this vehicle for a team of creators to make impactful Art!  Cool huh?

That team

Executive Producers: E. Michael Friend, John Hardham, and Joe Garoutte
Hosts: Joe Garoutte
(And a slew of contributors that include scientists, a flyboy, a chief science officer, crew gals and guys, and whoever has something to contribute…)

All have a goal to create something that will inform, enlighten, amuse, delight, charm, and bring the house down (in a good way.) We’re still trying to decide how Punk we can make STEMPunX. And that’s where you come in.

All of the creators of this program have been working in the entertainment bidness for many years. Most of us for little or no money.


Because we love making stuff. Stuff we consider ART. We are first and foremost in our entertainment-centered minds…

And yet, like virtually everyone on Patreon, we are always doing something else to “make a living.”

E. Michael has been writing, producing, and directing movies on and off for 40 years. The “off” stretches were sometimes long and mostly satisfying… as an elementary school teacher and a newspaper reporter/editor.

John has been mostly self-employed as an independent producer, director, and cinematographer/videographer after traveling the world creating and performing psychedelic light shows for several decades.

Joe is multi-talented… schlepping through a myriad of hourly jobs, managing various businesses, owning and operating a family fun center, eventually joining the Pacific NW wine-trade, working his way up the ladder in every case, and through it all stepping onto the stage occasionally to be a hard working but highly underpaid actor, producer, director.

(Everyone’s list of jobs is far too long to put down here, but if you would like to receive a comprehensive resumé we can arrange to send one out to you via Pony Express.)

So we all decided this is what we want to do… create stuff on our own terms… specifically STEMPunX.

E. Michael and John decided to be patrons of the show for a while. They are putting a lot of time and money into the initial start-up of the project. And after working with Joe in their documentary production “King of Roads” they hired him to be host of the program.

As luck would have it, Joe had recently discovered that he couldn’t bear to keep toiling, sweating, slogging, and grinding along in the “traditional” way.

“I have always worked in what I think many of us would consider the "normal" mindset of "climb the ladder" corporate thinking. It was always, get the job, earn a promotion, keep climbing for the next raise etc. We are taught that it is how we are measured. ‘What do you do?’ is a regular part of conversation because a subconscious, or even conscious, assessment of the person is a part of "normal" interaction.”

“At almost every job, it was always stressful beyond my control on some level. Stressful to the point of losing sleep and constantly wondering if I was getting enough done, and if I was going to please everyone; superiors, teammates, guests, etc.

“There was always sacrifice; my personal happiness, time with my family and therefore their happiness, time with friends who enrich my life and raise my level of joy.
We are taught that going for more money and getting the promotion is the way we should live our lives. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor when you retire is the message. Until then we must work. ‘Yep, it sucks, but life ain't easy!’ “

“I have decided to invite abundance in and welcome happiness. It feels good, and new, and uncertain, but right.”
~an edited excerpt from Joe’s life changing social media post, circa 8/2017

John and E. Michael read that and quickly decided Joe is their guy. So much so, that he was also invited to be a producer and writer as well as the principal host on both the videos and podcasts of STEMPunX.

We joined Patreon because we want to keep this project going. All along we wanted to make our own decisions regarding content. But when one goes to get sponsors, they find out that the sponsors often have a lot they want to say and whatever is expressed has to be good for them; put them in a positive light. We just want to talk openly and honestly about everything that interests us using Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Mathematics as a tool to bring connection and context to the conversation.

We want STEMPunX to be self-sustaining. No ads, no changing our message to fit a sponsor’s bias.

We want to hear from everyone… giving everyone an equal opportunity to be heard. We will listen, but ultimately this is our artistic endeavor and ultimately we decide.

Who will get the money?
  • First, Joe and his family. They gave up their “normal” life to create a new paradigm. One in which they can be fulfilled by their work and create on their own terms. 
  • Second, all the people who work with us on STEMPunX; creators and crew. We don’t believe in taking advantage of other artists while asking for help. We want to spread the love around. It has always been our goal to bring talented artists into our creative realm and to mentor and pay them. Minimum wage for our crew is $20 an hour. Experienced and talented troops are paid more.
  • Third, equipment, props, costumes, travel expenses, craft services, drones, extras, speaking actors, MailChimp, web hosting, Vimeo and YouTube upgrades, Facebook boosts, Patreon’s 20%.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTE:       You can "cap" your giving!  

If you would like to pledge at any level we will be eternally grateful!  
Since the charge is for each "thing" we create you will be charged each time.
BUT, you can set a limit to what that is.  Want to stop at $5?  Great!  Put that in!  
Want to pledge at the $20 level but only pay $20 per month?  NO PROBLEM!  
Cap your giving at $20.
23% complete
When we hit PunX level I, Mr. Moneybags will be able to focus on other projects, and Joe will have a guarantee of being able to continue the Podcast.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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