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A little bit from you goes a long way for me! As a small business owner, I know that money can sometimes be tight. That's why I'm only asking each of you for a dollar per month. Being entertained shouldn't be expensive, and I want you to keep more of your money so you can spend it having fun in more places! 




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About Shut The Muck Up

Hello! I'm Muck from Shut The Muck Up. I quit my job last September to start a sublimation printing business, and in my free time I began making funny video edits. Recently, I have graduated to making original videos. I'm looking to expand my production abilities, so if you think I'm entertaining, I would appreciate your support! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and whether or not you donate, I hope I have put at least one smile on your face.
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Hitting this goal will help me continue to upgrade my equipment, and keep the lights on. When I reach this goal, I will give 50 random Patreons a free t-shirt made by me. I'll reach out to the winners, and make them each a custom shirt of their choice! 
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