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So Grateful for this Earth and All She Provides! May ALL of our needs be met & may We never hunger or thirst! Amen!

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Our needs are simple: clean food, soil, water, and air; the need to feel safe, loved, and to Create!

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With Self-Esteem comes hope and the determination to strive for our Greatest-Good. Our will power is where we begin to believe that we deserve Greatness!

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About Shaunti LallyiAm

STiL Focus Media is a Creative Platform of Shaunti LallyiAm, Life-Long Artist dedicated to generating inspirational "offerings" to the world. i believe our Greatest Power as media makers is to draw our Collective attention toward the Solutions and away from the problems, Thus, i produce a variety of short - philosophical - poetic - travel - cultural commentary & Solutionary videos free to the World. i explore the Globe to document the cultural Awakening and the people who are making the movement move.. i go to sacred sites and listen to the stories of cultural traditions in the country & then to the inner-city to document the shift occurring there... It is happening EVERYWHERE & i think of myself as a witness and recorder of the Evolution as IT unfolds before our eyes..

All of my Artistic-Self i want to share with you & my Intention is to continue to work with this medium for the remainder of my days, offering empowering and provocative contributions to the World's Waking Mind through Art. Too often today conversations are dumbed-down to the least common denominator. We need a raising of and an advancement of the Social Narratives for the Expansion and Evolution of our People! For my love of Humanity i wish nothing more than to offer my Life's work to the progress of the Human Potential, living life as an example of what the Artist Way can be for any of us that commit to the calling! i Am one voice a sea of voices, and yet there is still a power of One! For it only takes one good idea to shift Everything, and there is nothing more Powerful than an Idea who's time has come!

And yet none of us can do it alone! This is why we see giant corporations with enormous influence in the dictation of the Social-Narrative, because they figured out how to work together & organize ideas in a way that move people to action. In the same way we can organize for Peace, Abundance, and a Better world for ALL to come! A small dollar amount can make an enormous impact in enabling me, as an Artist of Culture to, to Manifest more Beauty, more Solutions and more Empowered Ideas on Our Creative Power to Change Things!

ALL Things are in a constant state of BECOMING! Each of us are a part of that Evolving story, and as a story teller, my greatest measure of success will be, when We as a society, consider Ourselves from a Global perspective - beyond nationalism, and beyond systems of exclusion - as a single People, on a single lonely Planet, in the middle of a Creative Universe!!! It is Our time to tell a new story! And so it shall BE, what it is that WE, co-CREATE TOGETHER!

*Special thanks to all those who believe in i Am and my message enough to sponsor me! From all levels of support, i do this for WE! i truly believe in this mission and feel so empowered by all those who believe in me enough to invest in me! Here i Am including additional information for all my patreons in the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, as well as more information on me as an Artist. For information on what you get back when you donate to this cause, please check out the incentives and Please Share this Vision!

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i Am a photographer and focus my lens on Transformational Experiences and the People that experience them. Covering music and yoga festivals, creative solution and inspiring narritives, i'm interested in documenting the ideas that are making them happen.. Capturing with camera and light, the Emergence of an alternative society and the Global Awakening being seeded between them..
As a writer i've taken time to document key insights as well as stroy to pass the message along in as many mediums as possible. i Am working on two book actively, a narrative of an Awakening Planet and a Global Mind that accompanies it, and a fiction work inspired by the likes of the 5th Sacred Thing, the Celestine Profacy, and Divergence.

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