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Helping Crew

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Every little bit helps us keep the boat moving and our weekly videos! Here, you may offer us a little help to keep the boat sailing and to finance our video content!  For this small donation (barely the cost a cup of coffee, once a month!) you help us far more than you can believe!  We need your help if we are going to keep going and keep making videos!  Therefore, we also want to give back to you for your donations.  Here is what we give for this Tier:

  • Patreon Only Feed: First off... at this donation Tier, you get access to our Patreon Only Feed, we'll read and  possibly reply to your comments.
  • Early access to the overture videos.   You get to see the main videos we create earlier than the normal public!  (Please note that we are still in the planning stages, purchasing equipment, the boat, etc., so our videos will only begin later on. If you wish to wait until they start before beginning your donations, that's your choice!  However, if you decide to start early donations they will help us get the cameras rolling even sooner.  
  • Patreon Feed Access
  • Early Access to Overture Videos
  • Join the S/V Lynx crew community

Special Crew

per month
This Tier gets you even closer to the action on the S/V Lynx voyage around the world!  We want you to know how much your donations are needed and how much we appreciate what you are doing for S/V Lynx.  Thank you for your donations, they keep the videos coming and the boat sailing! 

  • All $2 Rewards, plus...
  • Meet up with S/V Lynx:  You will receive invitations to meet the boat at various ports of call for a meet and greet!  You can wait for one that is close to your location, or one you want to travel to so you can tour S/V Lynx and meet her crew.
  • Early access to In Depth Videos:  We always post an 'overture' video which briefly covers what has been happening on board. However, we also make In Depth video segments, which expand on a section, be that scuba diving, touring, repairing the boat, planning the route, etc.  As a member of this Tier level, you gain early access to the In Depth videos.
  • Special videos: Occasionally, we make Patron only videos, you will have access to view these.
  • In Depth Video access
  • Meet and Greet S/V Lynx
  • You help keep us sailing to new destinations!
  • Early Access to Overture Videos
  • Patreon Feed Access

Loyal Crew

per month
You're awesome!  So, at this Tier, we want to thank you for being such a loyal virtual crew member.  Your amazing support keeps the cameras rolling and the boat sailing!  We can't thank you enough for your continued support of S/V Lynx and can't wait to have you on board as crew!  We want to hear, directly, from our Loyal Crewmen, so we have added some benefits at this Tier.  See below.

  • All  $5 rewards and below, plus...
  • Access to our private chat server: where you may chat with the current and future crew members to discuss and help plan the ongoing trip!
  • Access to the private Google Earth route files: where you may interactively look, zoom, and follow our entire planned circumnavigation, then discuss the route with the crew on the private chat server (see above reward). 
  • Access to the private Ports of Call Google Sheet: with every planned anchorage, marina, passage listed, with dates, length of stay, passage distances, etc.
  • Visual credit as Private Crew: You will be listed in a video as a Loyal Crewman of S/V Lynx in the credit roll (the first time  you donate at this level).
  • Chat Server Access
  • Credit on Video as new Chat Crewman
  • In Depth Video access
  • Meet and Greet S/V Lynx
  • You help keep us sailing to new destinations!
  • Early Access to Overture Videos
  • Patreon Feed Access
  • Access to Private Ports of Call list
  • Access to Google Earth route files
  • Video credit as Private Crew

About S/V Lynx

Have you ever dreamed about sailing away to far and exotic locations or had the desire to see the world and experience adventures wonderful enough to last a lifetime?  This is your chance to follow along as virtual crewmen on a voyage of S/V Lynx as we travel around this amazing planet!

Not only that, but we value your input!  You can gain various levels of access to the crew, including planning sessions, chat servers, and even video chat sessions for live interaction!

Help S/V Lynx and her crew make our way around the planet as she circumnavigates the world, stopping in many interesting places, seeing the wonders of the world while passing through seventy-seven different countries on her epic travels around our amazing blue Planet!

We will be chronicling this epic voyage with a weekly video blog, where we film everything about the trip, from finding and buying the catamaran, S/V Lynx, to refitting her, converting to a Hybrid boat, and then sailing her 125,000 nautical miles around the planet on an epic voyage.

All of your Patreon donations go straight towards financing the making of the videos!  You can get direct access to speaking with our captain and crew, discussing upcoming video subjects, the route, the places we visit, repairs, and any of the other the things we plan to accomplish on this epic voyage.  

Want more information?  Go to our website, where we lay out the entire voyage and plans, at http://www.svlynx.com

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