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For $1/month, you'll get access to the patron-only Discord server, where you can interact with us slightly more easily than the YouTube comment section :) There, we'll answer questions and give updates on the goings-on at SWE, as well as other random bullshit, probably. :P

Update: We have decided that "random bullshit" is watching stuff with you, on Kast? Kast seems good.
probably some additional bullshit. Additional bullshit shall be defined at a later date.

You'll also, of course, receive our sincere thanks. We couldn't do this without you.

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For $5/month, you'll get access to a Google Drive link (accessible by clicking the "Google Drive" tag in the "Posts" section) with all of our videos, so you can download the original, high-quality versions.  You know, like if our episodes ever get taken down by copyright claims. Like that ever happens :P 
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For $10/month, you'll get access to the scripts from our old videos, including some jokes that didn't make the final cut.

You'll also receive Patreon exclusive blooper reels. Which never be posted on YouTube... They'll be POSTED on YouTube, but they'll be unlisted. So only you guys can see. Unless someone shares the link. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy...Derek Steinburg. He knows what he did.

You'll also receive all previous reward tiers.
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Hey everybody. We're Something Witty Entertainment, better known as the creators of SAO Abridged. We've loved bringing you quality videos over the last several years, and it means so much to us to read all the wonderful comments you guys leave us. Reading how our videos have brightened people's days makes this all so worth it. Thank you so much for all your support. 

We'll keep it simple: We love making videos, and we love that Something Witty Entertainment has become our full-time jobs. Beyond paying our employees a fair wage, anything we make will go into things like better recording equipment, and working towards making more wholly original content, unfettered by the surly bonds of pre-existing shows. 

It should be clearly stated that these pledges are not for SAOA or MHAA; they are for Something Witty Entertainment. While those shows are obviously what we're known for, we cannot profit off of them. Your pledges will merely give us the freedom to make all kinds of shows, including SAOA, MHAA, and eventually, our original content.

We also want to be totally clear: We are not going to charge you for new episodes. Making these videos is our passion, and we're gonna keep making them regardless of how well this does. We'd just rather spend more time making videos than working terrible jobs, and we need all of your help to do it. Even if you can't afford a lot, we're still immensely grateful to all of you. 

So, in closing, sorry to be so weirdly genuine here. I promise we'll get back to being snarky asshats ASAP. But seriously, thank you all so much. You have no idea what this means to us.

Something Witty Entertainment
100% complete
At this point, we might just be able to start doing a little original content!
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