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About Ron and Ali

We are Ron LaBeau and Ali Young. Two friends that met in January 2010. Well, we didn’t really “meet”, like in person. In fact, we have never met… in person. We haven’t even been on the same continent as the other… EVER! I know, sounds a bit weird. But then, have you met either of us? I rest my case. But, we started a business together and have been Skyping our way through the challenges since.

For nearly 2 years now, we have had the pleasure of interviewing the best of the best on our SYWSOE podcast show. eBay sellers and other entrepreneurs in all walks of life. Sharing their stories including the good, the bad and yes, the ugly. Inspiring stories of how they started their eBay business, how they overcame obstacles that would be ‘show stoppers’ for many, and their successes. We’ve heard many common themes and many unique situations too. And for that same almost 2 years, we have funded the show without any assistance. GREAT NEWS! THE BETA TEST IS OVER. IT WORKS!

Our listeners are anyone thinking about starting an eBay business, those with an existing eBay business that may be struggling a bit and those with successful eBay businesses. Listeners tell us they enjoy listening to our podcast show while doing their daily eBay tasks. And eBay sellers LOVE to help others. Our show is evidence of that. At present we have over 162,000 downloads and average 600-700 downloads per day. We think that is a lot of YOU telling us to keep it going. We could use your help. Which is why we have decided to join Patreon.

Ali and I are passionate about what we do. Whether it’s spending time with family, coding websites for our customers or working on our next big thing. We have the same passion for helping eBay sellers. The “So You Wanna Sell On eBay” podcast show is a 30 minute laid-back conversation with a sometimes funny American (Ron), and always crazy Englishman (Ali) now living in Thailand and our guest(s). A recipe for a good time and some great take-aways, too that we post on our Show Notes page of our website.
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Have the show cover monthly expenses like episode production, show notes, hosting for website, hosting for podcasts, email marketing and Virtual Assistant who does an amazing job behind the scenes. We’re looking to expand and bring on another virtual assistant when the funds would allow. For the past nearly 3 years, Ali and I have funded the entire show. We love doing the show, and with over 300,000 total downloads, enough of you love listening to it <thanks>. We want it to go on for a long time.  With your contribution, we can.  Additionally, attending eBay and related conferences would allow us to shake hands with many of you and the decision makers around the eBay world.  This goal would help us allow Ron to get to these conferences.
Thanks in advance.  
Ron & Ali
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