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Legion of the Infinitely Thanked
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Your pledge means everything to me! As well as my heartfelt gratitude and acknowledgement in my Twitch streams, you will gain access to my patron-only polls and occasional braindump content.

A Fancy Coffee Klatch
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For the cost of a takeout coffee per month, you will get all patron-only content and be invited to a monthly AMA. I'll also take your suggestions on future content, for all patrons to vote on.

You'll get a monthly digest of everything I've written for public viewing, sometimes before the public can view it.

I'm planning on doing writing streams, you'll get access to those as well so we can bash our heads against blank pages together!

The Royal Box
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If you flatter me by pledging to this level, I will mention you by name on my writing and gaming streams. You will gain access to my Discord channel so we can throw words at each other. I will also write you a thing - a monster, an NPC, a scene description, a short story - when you first sign up.

I'll run GM tip/tutorials and system hacking streams, which you will be invited to join.

If I publish anything digitally valued at $20 or less (ie everything), you will receive a digital copy.




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About Lucas Justinian

I'm a writer, producing short fiction, essays about tabletop roleplay and fantasy writing, and occasional pieces on topics that interest me. I'll be producing resources for writers of fantasy stories and tabletop games.

Your patronage means I can develop as a writer, grow within the writing and tabletop communities, and take on more ambitious challenges. Being part of this (hopefully growing) community will give you perks like early access to my work, Q&As on Twitch, votes on future content and probably a few extras as we grow.

Thanks for stopping by and considering joining me on my perilous journey towards Professional Writerdom.
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All of my basic writing expenses will be covered, and I have a bit extra to put by for future development.
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