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Those who follow our voyage from ashore. Even if your support is limited, we still remember and are grateful to you. Town-dwellers receive:

Priority right of access to the Public Release (when its release) and Public news (1-5 days before public)
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Those who join our long voyage. They are part of the crew and part of the ship. Each shipboy will receive: 
  1. All the rewards of Town-dweller
  2. Access to BETA versions of the game
  3. Reports every 10 days of the voyage
  4. Votes every 10 days of the voyage
  5. 100% saves and gallery unlock for beta versions
  6. Role in our Discord channel
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  Veteran fighter, who knows the smell of the sea and took this journey with a goal in mind. Your sincerity helps us on this hard voyage. Each corsair will receive: 
  1. All the rewards of Town-dweller and  Sailor 
  2. Concept-art twice a month 
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About Sad Crab Company

The latest version and save files for it are always available at our official website
Grab your copy here: 
Patrons' version - 0.8.2B
Free version - 0.7.3B

What tale shall we tell you today? Come closer and, by Davy Jones' locker, shut that damn pianist up already!

Have ye ever heard of witches? Maybe you've seen them? Or even gott'n your hands on one? This guy we will be telling ye about, he did it all - harder to find one who did more than him! So let us tell ye his tale…
Our team, Sad Crab, has a monthly release schedule. That means that release versions of the game have ca. 1-2 months between each other (if everything goes according to plan). We value quality over quantity, but thanks to your support we will try to push as much content as possible. We love to constantly polish and grow the game in all directions with each release, but perfection can be the enemy of good intentions. It's due to this that both the Alpha and Beta Releases can sometimes be postponed by additional 1-2 month to ensure quality. Alpha Releases on the other hand are released "ASIS" and present the most treacherous waters for ye land lovers. Therefore, hot fixes may be sent after these releases to fix critical bugs, while other bugs may be left untouched, so they can be fixed in one of the future versions.

Kick up your feet and enjoy a bottle of rum with the team:
  1. Captain Khan - Project Manager - who is responsible for the order and subordination on the ship and has final say on all things.
  2. Navigator RastaManaPool - Game Designer - only he knows which mysterious lands we will visit next, guided by your feedback and the stars.
  3. JoeBanks - Consultant – Maintaining the servers and website you are viewing this content on, sometimes he takes on other roles as well .
  4. Leader of the Siege Team Siserg - Lead Artist - the author of magnificent beauties and extraordinary landscapes. Also, he have patron with comics about Innocent Witches and more! Check it now!
  5. Clerk Pfmx - Translator - whose knowledge allows for the calmer voyage.
  6. Onboard wizard - Nikki-Nikky - our necromancer who turns the dead into the living. Animation artist. His own workshop is available here.
  7. Boatswain Andy - Lead Developer - who has built this ship.
  8. Deckhand Benq666 - Developer - who helps keep the ship seaworthy.
  9. PictureAnna - Artist - an amazing creator whose wonderful work you see throughout our game, such as different game locations and sexy costumes for main heroines.
  10. XII - Artist -  without his quick and highly skilled hands we would not have so much additional art, such as inventory items, minions and game locations.
  11. DimKras (FantoM) - Artist - another great craftsman who creates juicy stuff for you to enjoy, such as minions and game locations. You can see his other works here .
Witch Trainer RE 1.6F For PC/Linux/Mac ENG/RUS

Witch Trainer RE 1.6F For PC/Linux/Mac Chinese Translation
Witch Trainer RE 1.6F for Android
I may have changed the story a bit. I first heard it from Akabur. But, of course, I tell it my way.

Many more adventures await us!


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Khan will dance the dance of the Ricardo Milos
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