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About Saikey


Hi! I'm Saikey, the founder of this page. I'm currently writing a slow-burn NTR novel (check the links down below). Additionally, our team of editors are working on doing fan translations of NTR Visual Novels, RPGM games, and Doujinshis. 

Since many people have liked my original novel and enjoy the translations, this Patreon was created as a way to improve both by hiring artists and editors.

About the Novel:
Our original NTR novel is called Getting Cucked in High School. You can read it for free on Pixiv. If you enjoy it, be sure to check out the illustrated version using the links down below.

Download Links for the Illustrated Version
All Novel Chapters (Single PDF) (10$ Tier)
Individual Chapters (5$ Tier)

Patrons get early access to new chapters and bonus art. 
If you want to know some "uncensored" details about the characters or ask me questions about it, check our Discord out!

About Translations:
We are a team of 5+ people working on high quality translations of NTR games (RPGM and VNs) and doujinshis. You can get early access to all of them by joining our Patreon.
Every single game translation will be available for free on well known sites at a later date (usually 1 to 2 months after the Patreon release).

We do NOT share pirated games here! We only upload the patches or tools for you to be able to understand the text inside. You have to buy the games from the store first to apply our patches. The link to buy the game will be attached to the translations posts.

All the funds from Patreon go to our translators and artists working on the novel.

If you are planning on supporting us be sure to connect your Discord account in your Patreon settings to get a special role and VIP access to some channels.

Is money an issue for you? don't worry! Reading your feedback and talking to you guys about the content is more than enough! :)
$1,000 - reached! per month
I'll hire Japanese translators to translate the best NTR games out there.
This will allow me to give more focus to the Novel while I consistently put out translations every month.
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