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Adventurers take a risk on a relative unknown (me) in hopes of finding real treasure. (good games) You get:

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About Large Battleship Studios

I'm Saint Bomber, and I love yuri games and I also love free things.
My mission statement is to combine my two favorite things, and spend the rest of my life writing free yuri games. So hop on board the Large Battleship, because it's easier to write video games when I'm not starving.

The Games!
(Note that you will need the RPG Maker VXA Run Time Package to play these.

Angelic Acceptor: Alouette VXA - A modern Magical Girl RPG!
"Simone Bradley is an ordinary everyday girl charged with the important mission of defending love and justice in the form of the invincible and adorable Angelic Acceptor: Alouette! (VXA)"
Mediafire Link

a Dragon's reQuest - A fantasy story inspired by classic NES RPGs. It stopped resembling them about halfway through the writing process. Now it's about a grabby backwoods princess and her quest to take down an immortal sorceress.
Now in version 1.1!
Mediafire Link

Quantum Entanglement - A game about janitors and receptionists in a hyper-science facility that wipes their memory every 6 months for some reason.
Mediafire link

Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle
My breakout Work. A story about the Duchess of Elstwhere on her way to the home castle of her husband to be, Embric of Wulfhammer. Embric turns out to be a very rare encounter in his own home, however.  
Mediafire Link

5 Witches - A sample/Demo about a lonely countess trying to start a new life after her leaving her former home in the County of Huxey. She is burned by circumstance, and in the process of being poisoned.
Mediafire link
$345.99 of $500 per month
If I can hit $500/month I can start putting real money into the production of these games instead of scrounging up whatever I can find for free. As the saying goes, I can make this hobby my job and work every day of my life. (or something along those lines)
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