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About Sajuuk

Hi, I am making erotic games,
and with your help I can spend more time and money
on the games I am making
What am I making Rpg Maker games on vx ace and on MV

Take a look at my games Alone amongst Demons and the World of Nora.

You can find the public versions on the TF site.

Alone amongst Demons is a game about a man named Jack and a girl named Shina/Juka.
This is a Transformation based game that has a focus on Genderswap, and Succubi.

The World of Nora is a game about a young boy named Gerrit,
who wishes to find his long lost family who went missing on, the dimensional world of Nora.
Where Gender roles are reversed and magic is common,
He will find him self-changed into a girl, and a long adventure will await him.

Before you become a patreon be aware that payments are only proccesed at the begining of each month, You are also charged up front so please keep the date in mind if it's near the end of the month.

If you like my work be sure to support me,

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