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is creating reviews and analysis of Japanese animation (and vids sometimes)

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So maybe you really like my work and you're excited to see what comes next. I want to let patrons of the second tier in on certain ideas I have for future posts.
Now I was hesitant about this at first because some of my ideas don't end up going that far. Some posts will just end up dead in the water after I start them and realize I can't get my thoughts together. This is rare though and regardless I think it's nice to have an idea of what to look forward to.
When I think more about it, having an informal series about ideas for essays and reviews excites me. Not all of my ideas always translate well into a concise essay, but if I vent those ideas as a brain dump of whatever curiosities or frustrations that got me thinking about them in the first place, it might be therapeutic. And hopefully, it will be entertaining to read.
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If you are paying at this tier, you will get to choose something for me to Review. You can tell me a show or film to review, and you get ask me about my opinion on a certain topic related to anime. If it's something I've already discussed, I'll probably ask for something else, but there are tons of shows and films I've already discussed that I'd be interested in revisiting to explore other parts of them.
  • Your name featured at the end of each post for a month!
  • Previews/ Journals about upcoming projects
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My name is Matthew Lundeen and I am a critic of film and television. A lot of the content I produce is critique and analysis of Japanese animation through my blog, Sakura Sunrise. I've been running the blog through Wordpress since 2017 and it's steadily gotten larger over time. I'm also progressively getting more into video and audio editing, having already been part of several podcasts and radio shows since high school.

I love being a critic. I love being able to look at a work of media and push myself to put into words what makes something work, what makes other things not work, and decipher how art touches our hearts. I hope that by being a critic, I can help others to find the words to describe how art makes them feel.
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