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The fire burns once again! I have decided to re-open my Patreon in the interest of expanding my erotica! To learn more about my work, click this link to view my story blog: Sex Mages and Other Strangeness!

For over ten years, I have been writing my own unique brand of Supernatural Femdom stories, featuring women using magic, psychic, and superhuman powers to tease-and-deny and sexually dominate men. Whether in the context of everyday women using Sex Magic to play with the men in their lives, or a superheroic adventurer facing an erotic peril, my stories feature hardcore female domination of a sort you won't quite find anywhere else!

Moreover, in the last couple years, I have been expanding outside of just writing stories to doing audios, games, and original art. With this multi-media approach, I plan to do better, more realized projects, and to produce content on a more regular frequency, whatever form it may take.

For right now, all I'm really looking to use Patreon for is as a Tip Jar. Any support is appreciated, but please understand, this is only a means to show support for work I have done that you enjoy, not as a means to facilitate commissions or try to influence what my next project might be.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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