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  • Exclusive Sales Leadership Content: I address Current Issues I'm helping sales leaders work through worldwide RIGHT NOW.  This is stuff you won't find anywhere else. This will include a private podcast called "Coaches' Corner" that will only be available to subscribers.
  • Presentation Videos: Videos from some of my most highly rated presentations at venues around the world.  Dreamforce, Unleash, SKOs....these are here for you.  The ticket price to see these presentations cost thousands. Now you can re-watch and dissect to up your leadership game.
  • Weekly updates and responses: Each week I'll drop new content around current, relevant sales leadership challenges. Much of this will be responses to the feedback from members of Sales Leadership United. You've got a place to turn when you've got questions.
  • Fully indexed, searchable content: Pick a sales leadership topic and find meaningful insights on the issues you care about most. Don't spend hours googling or scrolling through LinkedIn to get "surface level" insights.
  • Exclusive Sales Leadership Training Videos: Each month I'll drop new videos with tactics and best practices related to sales leadership.  Mindset...Goal Setting...Coaching...Compensation...Opportunity Management...Performance Management...Forecasting...Hiring...and more.
  • Ready-to-Use Sales Meetings: Over the years I have developed many sales meetings reps have loved that have created great training and coaching moments.  These are "Sales Meetings in a Box" and I have several in here already and will continue to drop more in each month.  These are worth thousands by themselves and will help you connect more meaningfully with each member of your team.
  • Every "So What": I host the Award Winning Sales Leadership Podcast. At the end of each episode I have a "So What" segment where I add my thoughts.  I've had a lot of people ask if they can access the "So What" segments.  They are all here, indexed, and searchable.  They are also linked to the actual episode so you can quickly listen to the sales leader I had on that show.
  • Live Training Events:  I'll run training events over ZOOM each month on topics you care about.  Running 1:1s...Coaching Processes...Dollarizing...and more.  
  • 1:1 Coaching Best Practices: I'll share 1:1 coaching templates, 1:1 Training materials, insights from 1:1s that I conduct and Best Practices around creating 1:1s your reps will thank you for.  I coach my team and I coach sales leaders worldwide.  Many times I'm asked to ride shotgun with my customers as they conduct 1:1s.  Coaching Playbooks...and how to build them.  I'll even break down coaching plans with the group. I collect the stuff that matters most and share it here.  Only here.
  • Collection of my Webinars, Podcasts and Articles:  I've been a guest on many webinars and podcasts and these are all here for you.  I've written dozens of articles and they are here too.  Indexed.  Sortable.  With my notes.  It is a great resource to save you time googling and sifting through the noise of those that think about sales leadership but aren't active practitioners like we are.
  • Scheduled AMA Discussions: We'll have scheduled live discussions where we address YOUR sales leadership challenges.  We'll pull together the group and address what is and isn't working now.
  • NO RISK...NO COMMITMENT: If you don't think this is worth the cost of lunch...turn it off with my apologies.  Hit me up for a refund and I'll Venmo you your first month back.  I'm here for those that want to be top 1%er Sales Leaders.  Sales Leadership is a lonely place.  We've got a home for you here.
  • Exclusive content

About Rob Jeppsen

I've dedicated 25 years to the craft of sales and sales leadership.  

Big teams. Small teams. Startups. Companies over 150 years old.
Infant organizations to publicly held companies.

I worked in SaaS before SaaS was cool and have been part of its evolution since the turn of the century.
Tech Companies.  Financial Institutions.  Manufacturing Organizations.
Multiple vertical markets.  Multiple organizational structures.

I've successfully worked with or for them all.
18 American Business Awards.  Top-Rated Speaker.  Record-Setting Growth.

Reported to the Board and to Wall Street.
Inspired teams and delivered hard messages.

I've helped teams hit their first $1MM in ARR and I've been on the hook for over $2B in new annual revenue.

I've learned the hard way what works...and what doesn't.

I know Sales Leadership in a way that few do.
I know what its like to sit in your chair.
And I know that Sales Leadership can be a lonely, lonely place.

Most resources are to help salespeople.  There are very few to help arguably the most important but least developed position in business:
The Sales Leader.

Welcome to the Club:  An inside view at how I've helped some of the most successful sales leaders and sales organizations in the world take what the market gives...

And then some.

This community will help you in your leadership journey. Help you help your team improve more under your leadership than if they'd worked for anyone else.

Membership here gives you access to materials to help you in your leadership journey:
- Sales Leadership materials that are working right now.
- Notes and insights from the award-winning Sales Leadership Podcast that have never been seen.
- Training tools and meeting approaches that have fueled thousands of salespeople.
- "Ready for You" Sales Meetings and Training Meetings
- Presentations I've delivered only in private settings.
- 1:1 templates and insights as I work with sales leaders in 52 countries around the world.
- Questions I get asked from sales leaders I coach and from members of this community.
- Questions you want addressed and discussed based on what has and hasn't worked.
- A resource to help you make decisions based on experience rather than instinct alone.

If you lead a team...then this community is for you.  Low risk, high reward.

See you inside.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 467 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 467 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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