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Salon of the Refused is a video and podcast series talking about ideas that are outside the mainstream, from politics to philosophy, technology to art.

The name of the series and the names of our Patreon membership tiers are inspired the Paris Salon of 1863. It's an art history joke with a serious point about how new ideas can change the world. The Parisian Salons were annual art exhibits that could make a young artist's career, but they were run by a closed-minded academic establishment. When the Salon of 1863 rejected works from a rising generation of artists, they petitioned Emperor Napoleon III to allow a special exhibition of the rejected works, the Salon des Refusés or Salon of the Refused--and this exhibit turned out to be more influential over the long run than the official, approved exhibit.

The purpose of Salon of the Refused is to find and discuss interesting ideas that are not approved by the establishment--particularly the Politically Correct establishment--but which deserve to be more influential over the long run.
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