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About The Salty Nerd

Greetings, NERD!  Thank you for visiting the official Patreon page of the Salty Nerd Podcast! Please take a few minutes to watch the video above and then feel free to read what's below and explore the rest of the page.

We are the hosts of the Salty Nerd Podcast.  You may know us as:  Alex (The Salty Nerd), Vader (MattVader74), Jude JuJu (The Ambassador of Estrogen), and Matthew Kadish (author, evil genius, and used to work in Hollywood).  Our podcast is about discussing movies, TV shows, and pop culture that appeals to nerds like us - all with a healthy dose of SALT.  We aim to entertain while critiquing all the things we love (and hate).

So ask yourself: Do you enjoy awesomeness? If so, read on…

The idea of supporting a creator financially can be a daunting one. But doing so helps that creator produce more of the content you love and crave. The primary form of content we produce are podcasts, but we also produce videos and content on social media. The big reasons you should think about supporting us on Patreon are:

  • Your support helps us to record podcasts full time without being distracted by a day job.
  • Your support helps us to produce podcasts and other content quicker.
  • Your support helps us to provide for our families.
  • Your support allows us to explore new projects and take chances on other creative endeavors.
  • Your support helps us to stay independent and free from the demands of advertisers.
  • Your support helps us to produce content on a regular basis.
  • Your support helps us to afford better equipment for higher production value.
  • Your support helps us to afford to travel to events and meet with fans.

The support of our fans is vital to our continued success in producing a kick-butt podcast full time. By having a regular, steady income from Patreon, we don’t have to rely on other jobs to pay for our living expenses. With your support, and the support of Patrons like you, we're able to focus better on producing high-quality podcasts, video, and other content without worrying about keeping the lights on or feeding our families.

Our goals are simple.  We want to accrue at least 1,000 awesome Patrons who are willing to support our show.  We want to earn enough to pay all four co-hosts of The Salty Nerd Podcast enough so they can produce the show and all related content full time.  And anything over that we want to invest back into the show to get better equipment, better facilities, and more staff.

Your pledge goes toward these goals.  So if you like the podcast and want to support the show, please sign up for the rewards tier that's right for you, right now!

Aside from our eternal gratitude (and we mean that!), you’ll get all types of cool stuff depending on which reward tier you subscribe to. These Patron-only rewards include:

  • Patreon-exclusive episodes.
  • Behind-The-Scenes photos.
  • Patron-only Discord server.
  • Patron-only blog posts.
  • Q&A sessions to be read on the podcast.
  • Access to monthly livestreams.
  • Fan polls about what movies we should watch.
  • Your name listed in our YouTube videos.
  • Your name listed on The Pillar of Salt on our website.
  • In-episode shout-outs to Patrons.
  • Access to our private Twitter community.
  • Monthly "watch parties."
  • And much more!

In addition to giving you as much awesome content as we possibly can, patrons will also receive access to Patreon Exclusive episodes. These are audio and video episodes that WON'T be available on any podcast or video platform. Rather, only Patrons will get access to them. This is meant to be an exclusive reward to those who care enough about our work to support us on this website. So if you're a fan (or even a superfan!) of our show, then take comfort in knowing that you are getting access to something that no one else is!

We're always trying to deliver value to those who care enough to support us, so we’ll be doing our best to add new rewards that are accessible to all Patrons in the future. Take a look at the reward tiers we offer and choose the one that suits you best.

PLEASE NOTE: Though we will try our best to always fulfill all rewards and deliver exclusive content to our patrons, these rewards and this content is subject to change. We value your support and will always do our best to deliver something special our patrons, but sometimes adjustments must be made for various reasons. Please be aware and accepting of that before you pledge your support!

When you become a Patron of The Salty Nerd Podcast, you are supporting numerous activities and projects. Your pledges help to ensure I we are able to do the following:

  • Work full-time on new podcasts.
  • Post to social media daily.
  • Create fun and informative videos.
  • Make convention appearances.
  • Interact with our fan communities regularly.

We are, first and foremost, content creators. This means our job is to create entertaining media for others to consume. Our focus on the type of content we create is on audio and video, but our desire to create also extends to social media posts, blog posts, and various other things. The only issue when it comes to this "ancillary content" is that we don't get paid for the time and effort it takes to create it. Your pledge ensures that we are compensated not only for our podcasting, but also for the effort that goes into making all these other forms of awesome content, which allows us to do more and deliver more to you.

In addition to that, it's also important to us that we are able to meet and communicate with our fans. Your pledge supports the time it takes for us to interact with fans on social media and to go to events to personally meet with fans, such as comic cons.  We personally believe that communicating with fans of our work is one of the best part of what we do, but doing so does take time away from creating content. By pledging to our Patreon, you're giving us the freedom to communicate and interact with fans like yourself more often.

Obviously, the creative process can take a great deal of time and energy, but with your support, we’ll be able to regularly produce lots of content on a regular basis and to interact with our fans consistently.

Q: What if I have a support issue or a question about becoming a Patron? Who can I contact?

You can always contact us directly!  Email [email protected]. We usually respond to emails pretty quickly so don’t be afraid to hit us up if you need assistance. We’ll do our best to help you. You can also contact Patreon Support as well.

Q: Why are you charging “per month” instead of “per thing” like other content creators here?

The reason we ask for a monthly pledge is that we need to be able to rely on a steady form of income on a month-to-month basis. We don't sell ad spots on our podcast so the only revenue we make comes from what fans are willing to spend here on Patreon or on our merchandise store.  And because there are four of us, we need a steady income to rely upon for the sake of our families.  Our primary goal for Patreon is to have a large enough stable monthly income that we can count on to pay the all our bills and continue to produce the quality content our fans love.  Trust us, we don't want to have to go back to our "real world" jobs!  With your support, we can pursue our passions and work on podcasting full time without becoming homeless!

Q: What kind of payments does Patreon accept?

Patreon accepts all types of credit cards that you can attach to your account, as well as Paypal. They make it SUPER easy to make donations to your favorite creator and you’re automatically billed once a month. You can also easily cancel your pledge at any time. There's no risk and no commitment. It's 100% up to you how you want to show your support and for how long you wish to do so.

Q: What do I get when I sign up?

For the "Gold Star" level, you get instant access to our blog archives and Patreon-only episodes of the podcast - these include ALL back episodes as well.  Gold Star members also receive access to our member's only area of our Discord server, and access to our private Twitter group.  If you sign up for the "Superstar" level, you'll get access to everything from the Gold Star Level, but also access to our hilarious Outtake videos, Monthly Q&A sessions, members only livestreams, and any other goodies we can think to throw your way.

And as long as you remain a member, you'll continue to get members-only content delivered to you. This includes Patreon exclusive podcasts and videos, artwork, swag, behind-the-scenes images, and other cool stuff!

Q: What type of "Patreon Only" content do you provide?

We want to be sure to deliver as much value to our Patrons as possible, so we're always looking for ways to provide them with cool things related to our show that they can't find anywhere else.  Things like:

  • Bloopers and outtakes
  • Special episodes that are only available to Patrons
  • Video essays
  • First looks
  • Behind the scenes photos and videos
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Production meetings
  • And more! (as we think of it)

Q: What is the "Private Twitter Community" and how does it work?

It is our exclusive Twitter DM group where you get to interact with the show hosts and other top-level supporters daily.  It's just a fun and easy way to stay in communication with everyone.  We also foster a Discord community as a way to further build and foster our community for those who aren't on Twitter.

Q: I want to support you and your work, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable pledging a monthly donation. Is there an alternative way to support you?

If you’re not comfortable supporting us on Patreon, you can certainly support us by buying our merchandise in our store. You can also send us a donation through Paypal if you just want to straight-up give us money without any type of reward in exchange, because you're awesome and rich and just want to help out.

To donate without becoming a patron, just click this Paypal link. It's that easy.

Q: Okay, you’ve convinced me! How do I become a Patron of yours? TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!!

It’s super easy to become a Patron. Just select the reward tier you like best on this page, and then verify your account information and confirm your monthly pledge. Boom! That’s it. Patreon will bill you right away and then will automatically bill you at the start of each month – you don’t have to worry about a thing!  And if you ever want to end your pledge, you can easily cancel it in your profile options. There is no obligation, no contract, nothing to get "locked into". You decide when you want to end your pledge.

After you choose your pledge tier and your patronage has been confirmed, you’ll get your member's area access immediately and be able to watch or listen to all our member-s only content.

Thank you so much! And if you have any questions or concerns at all, don’t be afraid to reach out to us at [email protected]

$408.61 of $5,000 per month
The MattVader74 Retirement Fund
In order to do the podcast full time, we need our hosts to be able to quit their day jobs!  First up is Matt Vader, who needs to make at least $5k a month before he can tell his boss to go take a hike and be a full-time podcaster for the rest of his days.  Help Matt Vader retire today!
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