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About Sammy Sparkles

My name is Sammy Sparkles and I am a burlesque performer and model living in Australia

If you like my work and wish to support me financially, please feel free to support me by selecting a tier below. I have structured it so there is nothing hidden behind a paywall, and it is completely flexible for you! If you would like to add a once off donation (of any amount), then you can :) I have also added a signed photo option.

What your money goes towards;
- More content! More photoshoots, routines, costumes and sneak peaks!
- Flights and accommodation for me to do more shows overseas....which means that depending on where you are you can see me perform in person! Yay!
- I have plans to build my Vimeo channel....with it I hope to make more content for both;
- burlesque artists and other creatives (featuring how to's and details of how I create my costumes, and special behind the scenes footage)
- non artists (featuring sultry short films)
- Giving Back! (I have plans to make little items to sell in which all proceeds will go towards a super special and important cause!)

From the bottom of my sparkly heart I want to say thank you so much for all your support for even reading this page! And please note that there are many ways to support the arts other than financially :)

Much Love
Sammy Sparkles xxx

All photos by David Woolley Photography.
2 of 10 patrons
When I get to 10 patrons per month, I will be filming a saucy short film that everyone can see :)

I am aiming to have this professionally filmed, so I will need to hire a camera man for the job
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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