Samual A. Murson

is creating Time Weavers : Ignition
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About Samual A. Murson

Hi, I'm Samual A. Murson or as many call me Sam. First I'd like to talk about me I guess. I am currently aspiring writer. I have been building stories as a kid, but just recently developed a story I have a great wish to share with the world. I hope to be able to grow with anyone who is willing to even look at anything I release. 

Well, that aside as the story grows and hopefully the community. I intend to provide increasingly more content as I am able to complete this project. I have provided the Prologue, and the First chapter for any newcomers so feel free to read at your leisure. I hope it is good enough for you too enjoy.

I have don't have a schedule as of now but I would love to provide anyone wishing for early installments a sneak peak. Any comment good or bad will help the growth of the book. So be sure not to hold back on me! I hope anyone who sees this has a great day and hopefully a fantastic read - Samual A Murson 

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