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Milestone Draw & How to and Outtake Video Access
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For pledging as little as 1$ a month you get access to how to videos and behind the scenes videos. maybe you want to know how I get a video to look a particular way, or maybe you just want to laugh at our out takes.  This tier and any tier above it will also enter you into the milestone draw, as my number of patrons increases the prize will be more spectacular; right now our goal is to reach 20 patrons once we hit that mark we will be giving away a fifteen dollar Itunes or google play gift card so please encourage others to chip in.
Social Media Fallow & Video Shout Out.
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As mentioned, this tire includes the perks of the tier below it with the added bonus of me fallowing you on Instagram or Twitter. I will also throw you a thank you shout out in one of my videos as a thank you. You will have access to concept art, and exclusive photography that you can blow it up to be a poster, turn it into a post card, use it as a computer backdrop put it on a dart board for practice. 
The Golden Tier- Credit & Input
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This tier comes with the perks of all the tiers below it with the added bonus of getting your name (if you wish) added to my videos in both the description as well as in the form of credits at the end of each of my videos.  at least once a month i will have a poll for a short film idea or review suggestions . as an example if its October I might ask for suggestions for horror movies to review, or for short film  ideas. there will also be videos that only patrons from this tier will be able to view. think of this as your VIP access into my creativity. 



About Samuel Grey

Hey, everyone, Samuel here, I have been obsessed with movies and tv my whole life; so now I am trying my hand at dissecting what I do and don't like about films as well as make some short films of my own. 
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lets break the double digits people, help me get 10 Patrons and ill release a video of me doing the beanboozled challenge... i can tell you now I didnt care much for those jelly beans.
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