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About SaniKink

Oh hey didn't see you there
So you know who I am otherwise you wouldn't be here. 
Now lemme just Mc-sell this concept to ya

So what's going on Mr.Kink?
Simple, I'm hungry. On a slightly more serious note I like things but things cost money and I also wish to support my friends in my own endeavors.
That and trudging month to month with $20 bucks in my account is scary...
Pfffft yea sure alright you meme slut what do i get outta this scam?
how about stuff like this!

Sounds nice amirite.
Seems okay I guess

I do all this now because I feel it would be in the best interest of mine and others if i have a more steady flow of funds coming in from the art I push out and feel a platform like this helps those who'd like to support me a lot easier, which in turn helps me support others as well.
~so thanks for your time in reading this I hope you do consider supporting me or even just promoting my work I will honestly be eternally grateful if you do <3~
Commissio Page:
Discord invite:

Sani <3
$249 of $250 per month
With this as a monthly budget I can better take care of myself and regularly feed myself instead of just eating once a day mostly.
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