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Hi, Sapphire here, I'm relatively new to modding compared to some of the modders, I started modding shortly after Stormblood released, and so my portfolio is much smaller. Most of my work involves the scaleless mod which removes scales from Au Ra. The Scaleless mod is a work of love and has a small but loyal fan base. This Patreon is meant as a way for people who enjoy my work to support me and help keep me motivated.

Personally, the idea of private mods doesn't sit well with me so anything I make will be released to the public as soon as I can finish testing. I'll be honest, as of right now, I can't promise much for higher tiers since I'm looking for work, and don't have as much time to mod as I used to. so my tiers will have much lower values. I'm not expecting anything lucrative but anything will help, even just 10$ is enough to pay for Photoshop for a month. 

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