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Brooklyn-born folk singer, I played Chopin as a kid, but grew up listening to Hank Williams. Now I create new arrangements of old folk tunes, go figure.

I write my own folk and country songs. I've been told they sound like old classics. That's cool.

I have a love affair with English Country Dance music. It's what I'm usually tinkering around with for practice, for relaxation, for curiosity, and, of course, for fun!

Songs are wishes, songs are dreams, songs are like human beings. When I share songs with others, I am sharing deep and meaningful parts of myself. Some of those parts are beautiful, and some are rather dreadful. I am a flawed human being, but in my darkest times, I also see hope for something better.

At times, folk music was the only thing I could sing and play and the only thing I could listen to - raw acoustic folk made with living instruments and singers who told stories. I became immersed in folk music for selfish reasons. The old folk songs told my story better than I knew how. The muck at the bottom of the well, the dead leaves clogging the stream - folk music was the only thing that helped me get the muck out. Every clever lyric, every strong musical phrase was medicine, and I wanted to eat it all.

I do believe that the old folk songs, and the new ones that are coming out of me, are part of what appears to be a journey. 

Folk music is the golden bough to which we return time and again, through millennia. Every folk singer, bard, and instrumentalist is a storyteller who hands us life, death, resurrection, redemption, and peace. Without stories, we are nothing.

Thank you for listening.
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I envision the artist's journey to be one of private introspection interlaced with community sharing and involvement. Music is the life-blood of cultures. Songs allow the musician to tell their own personal story, while allowing the listener to reflect on their own struggles and joys. The videos and musings I post to Patreon are meant to be enjoyed, read, listened to, watched, reflected on, and interacted with. If you like anything I've posted here or anywhere online, consider becoming a patron for only $1 per month. These little drops of water are life-giving and add up to an ocean of support. Small amounts per month, donated by fans, friends, and supporters from across the globe, allow me to continue to write, post, perform, and interact with the world as a musician. I am deeply grateful for your support, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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