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Hi there, I'm Sara and I'm an author and a costume historian.
I'm also a mom, an adjunct professor, and an occasional freelancer. I'm the author of 3 novels, 3 novellas, and about a half dozen published short stories.

I'm coming to Patreon to try and stabilize my writing income, especially since this year has been bonkers with a new baby, multiple illnesses with my multiple dogs, and the tree that fell on our house (but that thankfully didn't do any major damage!). As an adjunct professor, my course load varies from term to term and I would very much like to do more to contribute to the household income while I shop my latest novel and wait for the next call for submissions.
So, this is where YOU come in, my dear readers....

This Patreon will be devoted to a series of short stories called Starcrossed about two immortals who are dreadfully ill-matched but become lovers anyway. These tales will span hundreds of years from Ancient Greece to the present day and will be told in the order in which our narrator shares them (so, not necessarily in chronological order).
While nothing will be explicit, this is a romance so expect some naughtiness.

In addition to Starcrossed stories I will also be filling in with some blog-type posts about the art history and clothing of the time period I'm writing about. My goal is one piece of fiction and one instructional post per month. (And maybe some bonus silly content like dog and kid stuff.)

This will be a new adventure for me and a return to my fantasy-romance roots (see A Year and a Day and Seven Times a Woman) so I invite you to come along with Theodora and Adalfarus and see what unfolds.
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At a $100 per month level, I will add another piece of content as determined by my patrons: another episode of fiction, another blog-post about clothing or art, or a new feature where I dissect the "historical" costume design of movies.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts

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