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  • Step-by-step images that show my illustration process 
  • A movie showing how I did the post-production for the final 3D render
  • Vote on which creature I make next!
  • Wallpapers when I finish a creature.
General Rewards
  • Your name in the Zero-Drag, Murder-Mouth book and on various movie credits.
  • First dibs on all original art, prints, and products in the store
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  • Early Access: Patreons get to see all the new art first.

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About Sarah Dahlinger

Hey friend, let me tell you a tale,
...of aliens and adventures in far off places.

Let me tell you about, Zero-Drag, Murder-Mouth.

Zero-Drag, Murder-Mouth: Alien Sharks and More is a creature design book that follows six alien scientists as they explore the wonders of a creature-filled universe.

You'll experience new worlds and new, never before seen, monsters from the eyes of each of these researchers. Hear tales of mystery and danger. See things both cute and horrible.

Every chapter starts off with the story of an alien scientist who's exploring life on a far-off planet. They will candidly tell the tales of their adventure first hand, always exploring creatures that are in some way connected, telling the story of predator and prey.

I need your help to make this book happen.  

With your pledge, I can bring Zero-Drag, Murder-Mouth to life and show you all manner of unique beasts and their stories.  

PLUS, I'll also show you how I do it. 

Pledge $3 or more today to join our community and help make this book happen!
You'll get sneak peeks, access to voting, wallpapers, process videos, tutorials, your name in the book and lots more. Check out the pledge tiers for more info.  

If you'd still like to know more about the book, let me introduce you to some friends of mine!

Meet Heldel
Heldel is the oldest of all the scientists and has seen some horrors in his life. He's working to help fix his home planet whose water sources have all been corrupted by a massive war. He's quiet and reserved, slow to make friends, but a good soul. He mostly lives on the campuses he teaches at.

When Heldel arrives on Datera to complete his studies, he runs into trouble.
The Thysano wide-mouthed shark decides he looks like a tasty treat!

The Thysano wide-mouthed shark is a vicious predator that gulps down its prey. It can consume creatures that are almost the same size as itself.

Luckily, Heldel is saved by the Ardeidanes! The Ardeidanes are peaceful wanderers of the waterways. They assisted Heldel in his journey and taught him the value, of slow, deliberate movements to avoid trouble much like...

The radiant swamp pig! Known for extreme laziness, the radiant swamp pig lounges in the warm shallow and munches on water plants. So committed they are to relaxation that they have developed brightly colored antennae to communicate with other members of its herd without having to move too much.

If this little tidbit has entertained you, pledge today to get the full story - all my posts and future posts (OVER 300 and growing).

Hope to see you there!

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I have more questions.
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All rewards, images on this site, and text on this site are for personal use only. No commercial use. Sarah Dahlinger retains all rights to all the content she has produced and hosts here. 

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Zero-Drag, Murder-Mouth coloring pages!
I'll make you all coloring pages of a few of the ZDMM creatures. There will be something for all ages. :)
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