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 You get my immense thanks, and recognition as a Patreon sponsor on my Blog Page, as well, as on the end credits of my Podcast and my (upcoming) Youtube Videos.   Plus, you'll be first-in-line for any questions submitted to my Podcast, and have the opportunity to have your question played on the podcast as an audio or video file!

You'll also get access to exclusive weekly posts here on Patreon about my design process and workflow.  What inspires me, how my designer's brain works (or doesn't, sometimes), and any other musings I've been up to that week.  You'll also get exclusive looks at whenever I update my sketchbook!

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At this tier, my monthly featured pattern will be available for free to you!  The featured patterns do change every month; and they're chosen from my self-published patterns. 

This reward also includes the Inspiration Gatherer reward level as well. 

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At this level, patrons will have input into my design process.  I'll post polls asking what I should work on next, and post previews of the process as I work, as well as pattern drafts and other fun stuff!

This will operate on a 3-month cycle, and it will operate about 9 months in advance, with (approximately) quarterly releases.   The Hooded Cardigan,   Under Cover Shawl, Convertible Mittens, and Feather in the Wind Mittens  are patterns that have been chosen and are now in progress.  

Patrons at this level will also receive these patterns for free when it is released.  Patrons are also guaranteed a spot in the testing process for these patterns.  (Please note, you must also have a Yarnpond account to participate in the test-knitting process, but registration is free!)

This level also includes the rewards from the Featured Pattern Subscriber, and Inspiration Gatherer, as well.




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About Sarah Dawn

Hello everyone!

So, for those who already know me, thank you -so- much for your support and visiting my Patreon!  And for those who don't know me yet, I'm Sarah Dawn, of Sarah Dawn's Designs! I'm a knitwear designer, knitter, and knitting teacher, and I do crochet designs and classes as well!

I specialize in accessible and inclusive patterns.  All of my designs either have multiple sizes, or have detailed instructions on how to adapt it for multiple sizes and/or body types. And I’m currently working to update my older pattern library with additional sizes and large print/screen-reader friendly pdfs. 

In addition, I've started the process of translating my pattern library into other non-English languages; starting with Welsh!  My Welsh, right now, is only conversational, and not up to the more technical grammar demands, but, I'm continuing to learn, and it's a long-term goal. 

I've been knitting since I was 5, and I (re)taught myself the basics of crochet during my teenage and late university years. However, I only really came into my love of all things fiber-related when I moved to Toronto after being away for school. . . and discovered that Toronto is a Fiber Artist's haven! There is so much fiber-y awesomeness here, I just haven't looked back since!

I'm also a strong believer that the fiber arts are accessible to absolutely anyone, it's just a question of how.  I get very sad when people tell me 'oh, I can't knit', because I want to tell them, 'yes, you most definitely can!'  So part of this Patreon page is a quest to bring all the fiber arts (not just knitting), to the people who think they aren't good enough/skilled enough, to enjoy them!

Well, now that you know a bit about me, my goals, and how to find me, what is this 'Patreon' thing and how does it work?

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform specifically geared towards artists. It's a way for people who love something to be able to support that something without having to shell out lots of money, and get some cool things in return.  At it's simplest, it's a crowdfunded version of artistic patronage.  It's designed so that there's no risk to you, the patron, and you can modify or cancel your pledge at any time.  

Please Note, I do use Patreon's Charge Up Front feature, so you'll be billed when you become a Patron, then again on the first of each month. And yes,  that means that if you sign up on the 30th/31rst of the month you'll be billed twice. It's just how Patreon's system works.  That said, if that happens, let me know -- I'm more then willing to consider a refund.  Oh, and if you only want to do a one-time donation, while Patreon's system isn't geared that way, click here, to see how you can do that with a bit of a work-around.  

Ok, now that you know a bit about what Patreon is, what do you get for becoming a Patron?

  • Cool Stuff:  There's lots of cool stuff for Patrons here (well, at least I think it's cool!)  Signed books, access to test-knit drafts, a live Virtual Knit Night, knitting classes, and so much more!  You can check it out in the various tiers on the right!
  • Awesome Community:  I really do love the fiber community.  And I'm amazed at the ability to create a little corner of the internet with the people who really do share my passion for all things fiber-y!   When people ask me about fiber/fiber arts, I love that engagement, and I've found I can do it online just as well as in person. I really love sharing my love of knitting and other fiber arts, in a space that is as supportive and awesome as I can make it, and Patreon is one of the best places on the internet to do that!
  • Resource Creation: Tutorials, Free Patterns, and other awesome stuff form the backbone of an awesome community.  With Patrons backing me, I can continue to make more free things, and I can afford to give away more free patterns to the community!
  • Accessibility:  I really want to make the fiber arts accessible to everyone, and sometimes, frustratingly, that requires money and resources.  Some of it I'm doing now, (accessible knitting patterns with charts and written instructions, captioned videos) and some will happen as I can gather more resources (real-time captioning, material in multiple languages, alternate fiber arts tools,) So you're joining one of the most accessible fiber communities that I know of (and yes, I know that Patreon as a platform has some issues with accessibility, but I do my best within the confines of the platform!). 
  • My everlasting thanks for a less erratic income stream!  I'd be lying by omission if I ignored this one.  Publishing patterns, teaching knitting classes, that's all awesome stuff that I absolutely love to do, but like most artists, it's erratic income, and often it's income below minimum wage.  Commissioned knitwear often ends up being well below minimum wage, and pattern sales take a while to build to a profit - on average, I need to sell about 45 patterns copies per month just to cover the cost of production expenses.  I rely on 3rd-party publication to help fill those gaps, which is great -- I've worked with some amazing companies and dyers, but, again, very erratic when it comes to income. So, having sustainable, regular income would be a major boost (and yes, it would keep me in yarn, too!) 

Now let me set something straight: This isn't just a straight plea for money, I promise. (I want to be clear here, because it's easy to get confused on the internet!) Rather, this is the answer to the amazing people who've asked if there's another way to support me; and it allows me to give them awesome stuff in return.   And I'd like to hope I can provide cool and awesome rewards to my various patrons. (On that note, if there's something you'd like to see me offer as a rewards tier that I don't offer, feel free to drop me a line with the idea! I can't guarantee a 'yes', but I'll definitely at least give a listen.)  And, given that Patreon makes it super easy to edit or cancel a pledge, there's no risk there to you in becoming one of my Patreons.

So now, all that being said, if you can't/aren't willing/aren't comfortable supporting me on Patreon, please, please, don't worry. I completely understand. And for those who aren't comfortable supporting me here but want to do so in other ways, there's lots you can do! Purchase patterns or knitwear from me, sign up for a knitting class from me, sign up for my e-mail list, watch one of my Twitch Streams, or even just follow or like me on various Social Media

Well, thanks for reading right through to the end, and I look forward to seeing what you create on your own fiber arts journey!

-- Sarah Dawn
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This would get me a new computer chair!  The current chair I have is not a proper chair for streaming and doing the amount of computer work I do.  This wouuld let me get a proper egonomic chair that would be a whole lot more comfortable! 
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