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About Sarah Martin, CSC

Hello! I'm Sarah Martin, Certified Sex Coach, Sociologist, and Mega Nerd. I am the host of the Sexual Craftsmanship podcast.

My mission with this podcast is to offer unique, freely available education and advice on dating, sex, and relationships to heterosexual men in STEM.

I want to see a world where every man feels loved and accepted for who they are as a human being, and where every man celebrates their sexuality as a beautiful and vibrant part of being alive.

On the podcast, I aim to help men in STEM to live connected, joyful, pleasurable lives, to bust the myths surrounding dating, sex, and relationships, to provide high quality, evidence-based information, and to offer manageable and actionable steps to take to improve men’s sex lives NOW.

I also want to humanize our experiences and struggles with dating, sex, and relationships. On select episodes, I offer a window into the way women experience dating men in STEM, and other others, I share the sex life journeys of men in STEM.

One other thing to know about me: I am absolutely fascinated (and often horrified) by Pick Up Artists (PUAs). I wrote my master's thesis about pickup artists and spent 18 months deeply immersed in manosphere spaces online and in pickup artist handbooks.

On the basis of that experience, one other thing I want to see in the world is the whole PUA industry crumbling to dust.

Why? Because it's no longer a viable source of information for men looking for the skills they need to bring to dating, sex, and relationships in the 21st century.

PUA does not work in ways that are long-term satisfying or that are geared toward maximum pleasure and sexual fun.

I want men to be long-term satisfied and living lives enriched with pleasure and full to bursting with sexual fun.

So, let's change the world together, shall we?
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