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About Sarah Mason

My name is Sarah. I am an independent artist residing in the UK. With my three chinchillas, dwarf bunny and royal python by my side, I create whimsical, delicate art that blends strong traditional techniques with contemporary themes focused around fantasy, flora and fauna.
 Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and I have decided to take the plunge and make it my full-time occupation.  That's the dream, isn't it - a job where you love what you do, where you wake up in the morning and can't wait to go to work!  This is my very first step on a journey that will let me bring my art to life, as well as having a little fun with some quirky stuff that we can come up with together!  This is the start of my life journey, and I would love to have you join me.

I am very proficient with inks, watercolours and pencils and that is what you will see me post most days – I usually do a lot of sketch work and digital colouring.  During your time here, you will be able to see and get involved with all of my ideas, upcoming events and exclusive insights to works in progress as well as having the ability to have your say to help me make some of these projects a reality.

Patreon is a tool I frequently use not just for my art, but it also gives you all the opportunity to take a look into my personal life as well. I treat this like a personal diary of mine, it’s a safe haven and getaway from normal social media and allows you all to see me as a person as well as an artist.

Rewards include:
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Blogs and Diary posts.
Insight to upcoming projects with the ability to help morph and build them with me.
Monthly physical rewards such as prints and original art.
Discounts on my Etsy store.

That’s a pretty good question! Patreon is a platform where people can support creatives, people with projects, or just about anything – to keep creating more work. If you like what I do and would like me to continue sharing and telling you all about it this is the place to help support me. In return for your 'patronage', you get exclusive content, videos, HD images, blog and diary posts and much, much more!  Your support helps me grow as an artist and gives me the room to experiment more and find my feet.  If you are a first time Patron you can find answers to most of your questions here FAQ. Becoming a Patron of the Arts is really simple and you can adjust your pledge whenever you want!

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So watch this space, and thank you all for your support! <3

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