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About Sarina


I am Sarina Nicole. A Caribbean (Trinidadian/Jamaican) woman who is the sole caregiver for her mother and someone who has navigated her life with High-Functioning Autism and the myriad of emotional and physical challenges that that brings.

I am also an artist who delivers digital content, visual and otherwise, as well as personalised counsel, which for over twenty years has helped people to add beauty, value, inspiration (and financial profit) to their lives.

I’m not unique in this aim but I think the routes I have taken and the way I have combined them have definitely been. Because of my own multi-passionate career path I am able to draw on a wealth of seemingly disparate insights and experiences and along the way I have a built a wonderful network of other like-minded mavericks who do the same.

Patreon is a site that allows supporters of content creators, such as myself, to pledge a monthly amount towards the work that we do (and you presumably enjoy). Being an artist is challenging. It opens you up to constant criticism and public challenges to your own self-worth and sometimes sanity.

The platform here significantly weeds out the trolls and will allow me to better engage with those of you that genuinely want to get to know me and have a vested interest in who I am as a person. This is a place where I can connect with every single one of you, and take you on the journey behind the brand(s).

I've written a little more about why I have decided to join the Patreon platform here.

I am calling my process here  sarina•U as a way to thank everyone who has supported and shared my creative journey to this point and to pay it forward to those of you who have  just came on board and/or will in the future.  

With sarina•U my aim is to continue to create and share the content that I have always given to the world for FREE, to do it at an even better more consistent level, and to do so while also providing freemium inspirational and educational value-added content at a lower price point than most  of the stand-alone programs available online. 

I've seen the strength and power of inter-disciplinary conversations ever since the the heated lunch and dinner discussions of my Smith College days. Having the input and experiences of so many thinkers and creatives from varied academic and life paths in one room elevates the discourse for all involved.

I've decided to bring on amazing artists and friends so they can teach, inspire and share the real work that goes into growing and flourishing. I invite all of you who have met me in my various incarnations to come together under this banner and start to have those same cross-disciplinary conversations and moments that have been so valuable to me in my own life. 

By becoming a member of sarina•U you will be giving me the opportunity to be my truest self, an artist with a message of positivity, and in turn you will find a safe, giving community of people who think big and believe in their own potential. You can raise or lower your tier of access at any time. You can leave at any time. You can return at any time. I will never hold it against you. Ever! 🤗

Come on in! 



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