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Ciarán "Sarky" O'Brien

voice recordings, TTRPG scenarios, artisanal nonsense

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  • Personalised stick figure drawing
  • I write you a tabletop RPG. Approx. 3-4 hours worth of game, up to 5 players.
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About Ciarán "Sarky" O'Brien

Hi, I'm Ciarán. I like to play, run and write tabletop roleplaying games, and to try other related creative endeavours. Short stories, world building, background fluff, written or voiced, I love it.

I've got a little corner of SoundCloud where I narrate short stories in the public domain. I'm working with fellow Patreon creator James Lloyd Jones to put voices to the world building lore of his Crucible RPG, particularly "A Traveller's Guide To Hell", a humorous guide to the Demon Realm, its ecology, politics, pubs and restaurants.

I'm also co-hosting a semi-regular podcast with Seb Indley which delves into the myths and legends of Polynesia. It is called the "Myths and Legends of Polynesia Podcast". I call it "Mlop".

And every now and then I post up a little piece of writing, usually sci-fi or fantasy. My big writing project at the moment is Peg Sayers: Vampire Hunter.

All of this is put out there for anyone to listen to and read, no charge. With a little support, I hope to keep doing all of that, as well as reward patrons with a little extra, in the form of exclusive recordings or stories, first preference when looking for RPG players, and more.

If there's something you'd like to see me doing, or have any other feedback or requests, I'm easy to contact due to being Extremely Online. See the little icons below my name. I'm also on Mastodon (@[email protected]) but Patreon doesn't let me have a little icon for that. It's like Twitter with far less racism.

Sure lookit, have a gander and consider supporting me. I'll just be over here making puppy eyes.

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