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Stepping stones - Colouring sheets

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reward item
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- Access to 2 coloring sheets every week (8 per month) 
And occasional bonuses! 

- Access to polls and voting so we can choose upcoming themes together! 

- bonus content for holidays or special occasions

- Access to full digital archives

** all colouring pages come with commercial printing access. Please note these rights are NON exclusive and are limited to 100 units per purchased license. For unlimited or exclusive access, please contact me. 

Awesomeness -Digital art

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reward item
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- Weekly Digital Content: upto 4 images every week from the below:
- phone wallpapers/desktop wallpapers
- digital greeting cards
- fun prints 
- Cartoons and illustrations
- quotes and more 

- Access to polls
- Access to full digital archives

****These images are intended for commercial usage. Personal or commercial printing upto 100 units is included.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase for your small business or need unlimited usage rights.

Patreon Stars

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reward item
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- Combination of Tier 1 and Tier 2

- Coloring pages from the Stepping Stone tier - 2 pages a week- over 8 sheets a month ( some bonuses when I'm high on sugar :D )

- Everything from Art tier - greeting cards, wallpapers, quotes, illustrations and cute cartoon art

- Polls and voting for design requests 

About Satori by Minty Designs

WELCOME to my virtual art house!
This is where I share my joy! My goal is to make Art for everybody. Make it accessible to all with the level of money they are willing/can afford to pay.

So if you see beauty in all things beautiful, please sign up and enjoy my forthcoming art. I believe money is just ONE form of expressing gratitude. You can also join me on Facebook and Instagram to discuss art and spice and all things nice!

If you would like to order fancy merchandise please visit my shop at Society6 - Navitalovescolors. Redbubble,Spoonflower and Creative Fabrica.
I am very grateful for your support and your gratitude in ALL forms. 

A little bit about me- I was born and brought up in a little town (not so little anymore!) called Bangalore, in India.
I grew up admiring every rock and smelling every piece of perfumed soap paper. I was always a dreamer, thinker, maker and admirer of beauty. Shapes, colours, fragrances, all fascinated me..and it still does!

Born to a modest family, I didn’t have much but little fancies my parents could afford and hand downs from my brother’s toys. Mother nature, my rocks, collected perfumed papers, the stars and the moon kept me entertained and supported.

My mother saved and scraped money from loans to fund my masters degree in Financial management in the UK. Having successfully graduated with a merit, I found myself working in London. One, because I loved the lights and two, because I had a large debt to pay off.
Soon the money came in. I saw millions traded everyday. Some won..some lost. There were other interesting stories with deeper darker endings and many teachings..but we will leave that discussion for a fun evening with lots of wine.

Meanwhile, Life was good & exciting. And just for the record- money is delicious :)
Soon I was earning good bonuses, paid off my student loan, I got married and we travelled the world on some glorious holidays where I learnt how beautiful the world actually is.
The people, the food, the cultures, the smiles, the clouds, the skies, there is so much beauty everywhere.

I had made something of my life and dreams, I thought.

Until my health gave up on me. my body couldn’t keep up with the stress of the rat race and the soul was slowing dying inside.

Reluctantly and painfully I gave up work to sit at home and do nothing ( they said!)

But this was the beginning of my healing. The invaluable healing.

Fast forward 10 years (and 5 adopted cats later :)), here I am, with my heart on my sleeve and my art on my iPad. ( I do paint on paper and canvas also:))
I share my joy as I am learning every-day in every-way! 

Have I healed completely? who knows..Will anybody heal completely? who knows...
Who knows how many wounds humanity has harboured and for how long? Who knows where it started and where it will end?
All I know is, I showed up!

One of my wise yoga teachers would begin every class with “Thank yourself for showing up today. Even if you did nothing, thank yourself for showing up.”

So here I am. I showed up and I am glad you are also here with me, helping me help you see beauty together.

Like Rumi famously said, “The beauty you see in me is a reflection of the beauty in you.”

Now, if you will join me on this journey, there is much art and joy…. to share and enjoy…(you think I should try poetry??) 

p.s. have an interesting story to share?! comment or send me a message! 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts

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