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Not everyone can do a lot. We know this rather well.

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Sure, it's only $2 more than the Puppy, but that $2 can go a long way!
In thanks for your generous patronage (patreonage?) You'll not only get mentioned on our thanks page, but you'll get an exclusive email each month with a sauce-specific discount of 10%, a recipe for idea using that sauce, and probably other stuff!

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About Dark Bunny Sauces

Dark Bunny Sauces (or les Sauces Dark Bunny) is a tiny company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
We make hot sauces of all varieties, ranging from absolutely no spice to what we call an 11/10, but we are focused on bringing flavour to your food, not on providing pain. 
We also make mustards, dessert sauces, and random other things. 

We're looking for people to help support us as we go full out on this crazy adventure. We'll provide recipes and ideas on how to use our sauces, we'll bring you videos of our convention experiences, and best of all, we'll bring you a taste (and spice) experience like no other.

Every cent and every bottle of sauce brings Dark Bunny to more people and places. It brings us closer to achieving a goal of being better.

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