Savage Gaming is creating Let's Plays

Day Camper

$1 /mo

  • My love <3
  • Access to the Patreon Only Discord Chat with a swagy Gold Flair
  • Access to special Patreon only Giveaways   


$4 /mo

  • Get to the next tier of rewards before the day campers get back!
  • Vote in what the I am playing next time around!

The Spooky Lake Monster

$6 /mo

  • High Fives of the highest of calibers!
  • Be a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude! (Basically I will name a unit/squad/character after you!)
  • Vote in what th...

Camp Chef

$15 /mo

  • You are cooking up some good ideas in my think tank! And also making my heart boil!
  • You get to throw a game into the cooking pot and I will play the game that get's voted on!

Activities Director

$20 /mo

  • Help choose a game for the streams! 
  • All previous

Camp Co-Counselor

$50 /mo

  • Not sure what would justify you giving me $50 a month but hey, I love you all the same! Didn't think I was a highclass hooker, just a cheap one for laughs!
  • Everything else!

G-G-G-God like

$150 /mo
You are the man 100% 

how do you own this much money?

$10,000 /mo