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It all starts with the Seeds! They may seem small, but they are packed with potential, and they provide security for the future. 

Seed Patron Benefits:

  • Access to Patreon exclusive posts, chats, voting opportunities, early access to things like music videos, track listings, ticket links and pre-sale codes.
  • Chance to purchase exclusive Patron-Only offers like House Concerts, Signed Used Guitar Picks, Private Skype Lessons. We'll be creating more Patreon exclusive offers as we go!
  • Download 1 Free Patreon-Only Song of The Month mp3 Recording, curated by me in collaboration with #TeamSawyer (you get to vote on what songs I record!). You will also have access to purchase downloads from past Songs of The Month, as my Patreon Song Archive grows.
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Roots! Nature's behind-the-scenes miracle workers! They are the foundation of growth.

In addition to all Seed Patron benefits, Root Patrons will get regular private links to behind-the-scenes videos taken at band rehearsals, in the recording studio, sound checks, and adventures on the road. Some videos may be pre-recorded, and some will be live streamed.

We will also send you private links to live stream exclusive Secret Surprise Concerts, hosted in random locations, throughout the year.

Root Patron Benefits:

  • All the benefits received by Seed Patrons
  • Behind-The-Scenes Access Videos- at least 2 private links posted here per month.
  • Secret Surprise Concerts
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Sprouts hold so much Hope! Growth that can be Seen and Touched. For our Sprout Patrons, we want to give you something you can Hold.

In addition to the benefits that come with Seed and Root Patron tiers, Sprout Patrons will receive one Snail Mail Surprise every month! It could be a signed holiday card, a signed polaroid, postcards from the road, or random one of a kind treasures.  Provide us with your birthdate, and receive a birthday card from me! We will be keeping our eyes open for really cool or totally bizarre items to fill your mailbox!

  • All the benefits received by Seed and Root Patrons
  • Signed Birthday Card (On birthday provided, or if not, than on the anniversary of becoming a Sprout Patron)
  • Snail Mail Surprise!! "What's in the BOXXXXX??!!"



About Sawyer Fredericks

Hello! Welcome to my new Patreon page! I'm so happy you're here! We are just figuring out how this works, and we've got lots of fun ideas, but we'd love to hear from you on what kinds of benefits you'd like to receive for pledging, or things you'd like exclusive access to, for being part of our team!
Why Patreon? Being an independent musician is incredible, for the creative freedom and the ability to stay true to my art. But it's a little scary, too! I want to be able to create and record music in a way that honors the vision of the songs, and then also bring that music live to you on the road. We have been all over the USA, and parts of Canada, but we would love to travel to even more places, meeting #TeamSawyer and new folk, all over the world. All of these things require major investing: studio time, my amazing band, distribution, music videos, promotion, and the costs of travel. Plus a lot of work and time. It's honestly very difficult to make this dream sustainable at this early stage of my journey, so Patreon feels like a good fit, where my most loyal supporters can help in a steady way that I can count on.
Right now our big focus is NEW MUSIC! I have been hard at work arranging and recording new songs with my band at Dreamland Recording Studios in Woodstock, NY.  My goal, with your help, is to bring you an EP sampler CD this fall, exclusive to Patreon Patrons and fans at my live shows, along with a lot of TOURING, a new Single on November 9th, and in 2020, a new full length album, Flowers For You!
I know I wouldn't be here without all the support from #TeamSawyer, and I'm so grateful for this amazing community. Check out the offerings and benefits- pick a tier that works for you (we went with a botanical theme, because "Flowers For You", LOL) and join me on the next leg of this crazy beautiful journey!
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I'm so grateful to already have over 125 Patrons! I would really love to be able to afford creating more music videos, especially for songs on the upcoming album, Flowers For You. The first single, the title track, releases November 9th! I'd like to start working on a video for Flowers For You, to be released around the time of the full length album, if possible. Reaching 250 patrons would really help that become a reality, and as a Thank You, I will include the names of my first 250 Patrons, of all tiers, in the closing credits of our music video for Flowers For You. 
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