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is creating Schlock Mercenary, the online comic strip
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¹ Ad-free and week-at-a-time browsing require login

² Sometimes *everybody* gets the digital goodies because Howard forgets how this works

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At this tier, in addition to getting everything the lower tiers get, you'll enjoy retina-resolution versions of the comic. It comes out to about 115,000 more pixels per strip (290,000 vs 175,000.) Note that this requires login, and you must be using a browser that knows how to request retina-resolution images. As of 2018 that means most mobile device browsers, as well as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. 




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About Howard Tayler

Schlock Mercenary is a science-fiction comic strip that updates daily, and has done so without fail for over 16 years now. You can read it for free at

Howard Tayler writes and illustrates, Sandra Tayler edits and publishes, and Travis Walton does all the coloring. Gary Henson handles website design and management. Becoming a Schlock Mercenary patron will support Howard, Sandra, Travis, and Gary in their various roles as they bring the comic to you, and it will also enable us to do some cool stuff with the site that we couldn't otherwise afford. 

Patrons at or above the $2.50/mo levels get an ad-free version of Schlock Mercenary, and can browse the archives a week at a time rather than one day at a time. Patrons also get early access to pre-orders, some behind-the-scenes peeks at Howard's process, digital goodies, and they can purchase convention-exclusive merchandise without being at the convention.

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