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The Two Finger Pour

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Our Two Finger Pour not only gets you access to Patreon only content and Discord channel, but also access to our weekly pre-show Discord Audio Chat. This is a fun 30-minute chat with the Dummies as we set up for the weekly live show. We’re normally warming up with a dram and getting into some fun discussion before going live on YouTube. The 2-Finger Pour also gets you monthly coupon codes and discounts on Dummy Swag (Who doesn’t want a Scotch Whore T-Shirt?) and Access to the Monthly LIVE on the First Thursday of the month.  This is a Patreon exclusive event.  And finally, your name will be added to each video as a Patreon Supporter, credit where credit is due because without you we can’t make our videos!

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The Three Finger Pour

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Now we’re getting into serious Dummy Love! At this level you can expect everything from the first two pour levels as well as a start to really get a buzz (a 3-finger pour can really bring the smile). In addition to One & Two Finger Pours, You'll have access to our after-party on Discord Audio Chat. This is exclusive, and we really aim to make these sessions more for driving the channel or dig deep into a particular area of scotch or to sharing information or scotch with each other! After 2 months at the Three Finger Pour level you’ll get a custom S4D bottle hanger, hand made from a bourbon barrel as well as…. Patron Exclusive Challenge Coin! That’s right, we’re commissioning a special coin for our Patrons! Nothing says “Buy me a drink” like challenging someone with a Patron Exclusive Coin! We can say “This Dummy needs a Drink” and with this coin so can you!!!!! 😊

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The Four Finger Pour

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At this level, you’re a Dummy (and we say that with pride)! As before this comes with the other 3 levels, but now you’re getting personal skype calls with the dummies as well as gifts from us, whether it’s scotch samples from our reviews, samples from things we don’t sample, or merch! It’s really the level where you’re a part of the internal sharing club. There’s a community of scotch lovers that really enjoy sharing interesting drams with each other and it really is a great way to expand your palate and appreciation!

Includes Discord benefits



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