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About Scott Helme

I'm Scott Helme, an Information Security Consultant, trainer, company founder and author. I write my blog to make security related topics easier to understand and more accessible for everyone. All of my work is openly licensed and freely available so that anyone can use it to improve their security.

Researching and writing accurate articles takes time, lots of time. I've experimented with adverts on my site but I don't like the detriment to the user experience and I have some objections to loading so much 3rd party content into my site. I've also looked at sponsorship for my blog but that's probably cost prohibitive if somebody would just like to make a small contribution to help out. This is why I've turned to Patreon and all of you awesome Patrons.

Your support would allow me to continue to focus a portion of my time on researching and producing great articles and helping maintain all of my historic content. Projects like my bi-annual security analysis of the Alexa Top 1 Million, car hacking research and various other hardware related topics, which also require tools and equipment. These projects can, and have had a real impact on consumer awareness, for example the time I really upset the people at Nomx by helping the BBC shred their ‘world’s safest email server’ claims (link).

As a Patron you will get updates on what I'm working on prior to me publishing articles on my site so you can get insider knowledge on what's coming next. I would also welcome any suggestions you might have about products or services that need investigating.

My Patreon campaign is setup on a per-article basis - I will typically post 4 articles a month. You can set a monthly contribution cap in your account settings if you'd like.

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