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The Scott Rea Project started as just that, a project, a personal passion I have for butchery and food that I wanted to share before the skills and traditions I learnt over a lifetime died away.
But it has evolved and become a movement, a mobilisation of like minded people who feed off my videos - they imitate, replicate, modify and experiment!
We are dragging game, offal and traditional artisan butchery and recipes into the 21st century for a new generation to discover and enjoy.
No longer are these products and methods frowned upon, this new audience are getting back to the basics of field to fork, nose to tail eating.
I want young and old to understand and appreciate good food and to know where their food comes from – to move away from sanitised, processed unrecognisable packets of meat on a supermarket shelf that children cannot relate to a specific animal to having some respect for ourselves and the meat we consume.
Critics who condemn the hunting and consumption of seasonal British game miss the point that the quarry we take is pure and organic enjoying a free range life in the wild until the day that it is humanly dispatched and processed with respect rather than consuming farmed meat, which is mass produced and fed before being shipped to a slaughter house and the anxiety and stress it is put through before death. There is no comparison and it tells in the taste.
We produce some magnificent food in the UK and have some wonderful traditional recipes that would equal any French or Italian ones and with contributors from all over the world our movement is infusing these traditional British recipes with other variations and the results are magnificent and shared among our community for the cycle to continue.
SEMPER FIDELIS MUTARE SPERNO is the Worcester coat of arms motto and we have adopted it as our motto EVER FAITHFUL WE SCORN TO CHANGE we will revive the old ways and share the skills and knowledge before they are lost forever.
Thanks to the power of social media there are many tens of thousands of subscribers and followers of the Scott Rea Project and I am personally grateful to each and every one of them – from Ireland to Alabama, Worcester to Warsaw this is Rock and Roll Butchery.
Scott Rea
$110.28 of $500 per month
I want to invest in new equipment to make my work more in-depth for the viewer.
New camera and lighting rig, for more intricate, close up prep/work and a better all round viewing experience.
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