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About Screamheart

We appreciate any support we receive from you guys! The support you give, allows us to make it through each month stress free! Our goal is to eventually be to a point, where we can both stream full-time and keep the stream up 16 hours a day! In order to do that, Cassie would need to quit her awful job at Slave-Mart. Everyday brings us closer to our goal, and you guys make that happen!
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One on one voice chat, where you can ask Cassie or Jake anything you like!
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Custom weapon style made to your specifications, ready to mod-load and be used permanently in-game!
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Custom matching weapon and hat/face or helmet style made to your specifications, ready to mod-load and be used permanently in-game!
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All previous rewards and a custom bouncy or board mount! All packed and ready to use in-game!
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Your very own custom costume or mount! Classes limited to Shadow Hunter, Boomeranger, Ice Sage, Gunslinger, Knight, Candy Barbarian, Neon Ninja, and Fae Trickster.
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Custom wings! Soar above everyone else with wings designed to your specifications!
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Extremely difficult custom costume! Your choice of one of the hardest costumes to make: Dracolyte, Tomb Raiser, and Pirate Captain!
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Work one on one with me to build your very own set of matching weapons, helmet, costume, mount, and wings! I will screen share the work on Skype and voice chat with you while I design it all!
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All previous rewards and permanent golden plaque under the stream with your name designed by myself! This can also have a link attached to it, if you want to get some traffic to a website. (We may add more to this reward that you would get as well, I am considering something mailed to you!)
$0 of $1,500 per month
Our ultimate goal is for Cassie to quit Wal-Mart, and to do so we would need to be making $1,500 per month here! I know it's a lot, but every little bit helps and goes a long way towards our goal!
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