Scsigs is creating Reviews, Let's Plays, & Other Videos!

Producer Credits!

$1 /mo
If you pledge a whole dollar, I'll give you a credit in the description, the comments section, or the end of the next video that comes out after you pledge.

Message me on credit name if you'd li...


Follow Back &/or a Subscription

$2 /mo
Got a Twitter, or a YouTube channel? I usually only subscribe to or follow those I find, so if you choose this, send me a link to one of your accounts & I'll follow you there.

Early Viewings!

$4 /mo
If you want to pledge $4, I'll send you a link to the videos you help me produce up to at least 2 days before I make them public.

TV Show Reviews You Pick!

$5 /mo
I'll do an individual TV episode review of something, or idea discussion videos for clarity, or to expand upon what I said in a video. If you're unfamiliar with these kind of videos I produce, my r...

Movie Reviews!

$10 /mo
Pick a movie & I'll review it. I'll get it somehow & do a review for it.
Limited to 50 people, so grab it while you can!

Game Reviews!

$15 /mo
I've played a LOT of games over the years, so if you want overall thoughts on them after I've played them, choose this.

Pick A Let's Play!

$20 /mo
Pick a game, any game you think I'd be interested in, & I'll play it for my channels. (Remember, I have a PS4, Xbox One, a 360, & a Wii U, so try to have it be on one of those platforms)