is creating Battlefield 1942 - Graphics mod
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If you want to support my work even more. Thank you!

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With this amount you are helping me a lot!

Possible PC upgrade for faster rendering and texture editing? Or maybe for expensive texture references?

In the end, this is more than a motivational amount and i can't thank you enough for that!




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About ScureHD

Content of the graphics mod.

  • ~600 reworked textures: (Multiplayer compatible except for skybox and water textures)
    Environment, house, vegetation, minor objects, ground textures, particles, skybox, etc.

  • Lower LOD settings and object culling: Objects and terrain appears earlier and/or in better quality.

  • Higher render distance, lower fog for better view distance.

  • Disabled "billboard" textures: Proper vegetation textures used even at far distances

  • Enabled specular light on some models.

  • Enabled vegetation sway on all trees, palms and bushes.

  • Some debris stays for longer time.

  • Environmental map enabled on church windows (reflection).

  • Custom water textures, normal maps on some levels.

  • Lightmap enabled on "ships". (Multiplayer compatible). This is fixed by dgVoodoo.

  • Advanced shaders by ReShade. (Multiplayer compatible). Coloring, bloom, godray.

  • Config tweaks. (Multiplayer compatible)
    Lower mip map setting.
    (Textures appear sharper.)
    Lower LOD settings.
    (Some models appear in better quality at far distances.)
    Higher dynamic shadow limit. (For vehicles, infantry, weapons)

$1 of $200 per month
I will use all my free time for modding. I can get assets for the textures and possibly better hardware for editing and rendering stuff out.
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