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About Seafoam Gaming

Hello everyone!

You might have seen me around on quite a few websites over the years doing gaming related content. From youtube, twitter, my own review site to sending in the occasional news tip for GoNintendo, I've been pretty busy with gaming related content, which makes me happy to say the least.

However, as I age into adulthood, I need to step out of my normal boundaries and merge my two personalities together, as I plan to make my Retrospective series, Eternal Memories my main attraction on the youtube channel. Also due to the success of the gameplay videos I have, I would be doing those quite frequently as well, but of course I can't buy everything. I also don't tend to have the fanciest setup, so I made this in hopes of being able to grow as an adult and to improve the quality of my content. Helping support me will get you exclusive extras, early episodes and credit where credit is due, as this would really mean a lot to me and would help me repurchase games to either play for gameplay videos or to use for Eternal Memories episodes (as there are a lot of games I grew up with/have things to say about)
$8 of $10 per Eternal Memories/Unscripted Memories Episode
I can afford at least one eShop title for a gameplay video thanks to you guys, giving you a guaranteed gameplay video!
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