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In Depth, Detailed and Multidimensional Readings, Writings, Channelings, Meditations, Communications/Connections and Updates about our Sacred Unions, our awakenings, ascension, our Twin Flames, Mirrored Souls, Soul Mates, Soul Tribes and Families.
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About Sedona Sacred Union

Sedona Sacred Union -
All of our lives, purposes, awakenings and twin flame/soul mate paths have been challenging and even tumultuous some days.
In these times we might be starting notice the programs and the dark intentions and distortions that we need to clear in our lives and in our existence here on earth as consciousness rises.
Ascension IS the Sacred Union journey and we each have unique and special missions and soul contracts within this divine plan and in these times.
We are being called together in unity and Union in many ways to bring our precious planet, our Universe and humanity Home in mutidimensional ways.
So, it is my honor and part of my lifes work and journey to assist in bringing our awakenings and ascensions, our co-creations, foundations, purposes, passions and highest potentials, to bring our Sacred Unions Home.
Here is the door, the portal, the threshold...
Welcome to Sedona Sacred Union!

Welcome Home.

This is a tiny bit of my story....
When I was a child in small town Oklahoma I used to have visitations from an angel. She came to teach me about the coming changes and awakenings.
The teachings were of divine will and divine intellegence and divine plans, or the light of God. And how these times of awakenings and ascension were in motion.
That was natural to me.
Multidimensional connection and communication were always natural to me.
All of the spiritual gifts were natural to me.
So in ways I came here kind of awakened.
Definitions we might use could be Starseed or Crystalline Child. Light.
I knew things, saw different dimensional beings and rarely spoke of much and learned through being quite blatantly targeted, traumatized and on ritual abuse lists for most of my life.
Its shifted now quite a bit.
And we are on a reset back to the light as it was always meant to be.
I was called to do readings and energy/light frequency works for 30 years now.
I love my life and work. I love humanity.
A lot of understanding and downloads have been incoming for many years about many levels of life and the world, soul mates and twin flames, ascension and what it entails if you are on the path with a divine counterpart or counterparts.
Welcome Home Sacred Unions

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