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About SelectaCorp

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Current Focus:
Company Man is a world building project based on the universe first explored in Corporate Raider, the first SC game.  This world building exercise is comprised of several components, each created to provide you with a sense of living in a corporate dystopia:

Novelisation- The core story is told in a series of chapters providing a fictional basis to the world.  Chapters are released on a regular basis (usually once a week).

Images- Composite photo-style images illustrate various aspects of the universe.

Videos- These might be surveillance, ads, corporate messaging or other types of video-based content

Supplementary- This range from documents, presentations or other types of material that flesh out the Company Man world.

A Game- Once the world is built, we'll develop a game out of it!  

If you are intrigued by a universe in which corporate overlords rule over (and indulge themselves with) fiefdoms of powerless and subservient wageslaves, join us! 

(Unless it sounds too much like normal life, that is!)  

Our Other Games
Work on Spoils of War 2 continues and will do so until it is completed.  A new developer has been given the commission and is making solid progress.  

Our library of other games includes:

$1,168.57 of $1,500 per month
Increase permanent Dev Team from 2 to 4; also commission a revolving group of creators to consult and contribute to game development (these would be artists, writers and others who have a demonstrable grasp of the genre).
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