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Bret Kramer

Creating New material for Sentinel Hill Press; folklore and gaming

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About Bret Kramer

Sentinel Hill Press is a licensed publisher of Call of Cthulhu gaming materials and other Lovecraftiana.  Our focus is on Lovecraft Country, a setting for the CoC RPG based on that cluster of New England towns invented by Lovecraft - Arkham, Innsmouth, Dunwich, and Kingsport (to name the best known).  We publish the Arkham Gazette, an occasional magazine, on the subject, which focuses on the RPG setting, the fiction that inspires it, and the real-world history that underpins both.

While our Kickstarter campaign for our third issue was a great success, I'd like to have a steady revenue to tap into for related projects that keep Sentinel Hill Press and the Arkham Gazette moving but are not directly related to making new gaming materials:

* Research: While my collection of RPG materials is nearly complete (just missing a few minor scenarios in magazines), my collection of Lovecraft related works is far from comprehensive.  Likewise, while I have put together a healthy collection of resources on New England history and folklore, there are still plenty of useful works I have not been able to explore.  My Amazon wishlist has some of the titles I hope to purchase - note that while some books are not cheap, many are available for only a few dollars or even in e-versions.  Additionally I am looking at academic resources, like journal articles, dissertations, and even reproductions of archival documents, as possible purchases. 

* A Podcast: There are some great Call of Cthulhu and Lovecraftian podcasts out there - The Miskatonic University Podcast, the Good Friends of Jackson Elias, and the Cthulhu Breakfast Club (to name a few!) all do wonderful work.  I think that there is room for something along the lines of the Unspeakable Oath's podcast "Unspeakable!", which talks about the Unspeakable Oath magazine, Pagan Publishing, Arc Dream Publishing, and topics of interest to its readers. I have started recording episodes of The Sentinel Hill Press-cast to test out my thesis.

Here are previous episodes:
  • Episode 1 - An introduction to the Sentinel Hill Press-cast, a charm to summon a witch, Sentinel Hill Press news (Arkham Gazette #3, October-ganza 2015), an interview with writer, illustrator, and layout guru Chris Huth, & a ghost story from Bristol, Connecticut.
  • Episode B - Mermaids (of all kinds) of New England, Sentinel Hill Press news (including Arkham Gazette #0, Kickstarter update, a recall for submissions for AG #4, and more), a discussion of H.P. Lovecraft's "A Picture in the House".

Here are some Patreon-backer only episodes:
  • The Horror Guide to Massachusetts by David and Scott Goudsward; Handkerchief Moody: the Diary and the Man by P.M. Woodwell
  • Some Thoughts on "Wentworth's Day" and about our Derleth Country series
  • The New Hampshire Book of the Dead by Roxie Zwicker
  • Stranger Stop and Cast an Eye: A Guide to Gravestones and Gravestone Rubbings by G. Walker Jacobs

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RIght now the stars must come right for me to make recordings - children must sleep, spouse distracted by a good book, cats sated on the flesh of their enemies.  At this pledge level I can get the babysitter to take the homunculoid for an afternoon and I can record some new audio comments for you all.
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